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What's going on in the North West?

There is always something interesting going on in the North West. You can find up to date information about what’s happening on the Leeds & Liverpool and Lancaster Canals as well as Liverpool Docks, Liverpool Canal Link and Ribble Link right here.

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Leeds & Liverpool Canal – winter opening times

Please remember that during the winter, passage through Bingley Three & Five Rises, Kirkstall to Newlay Locks and Bridges 6 (Netherton Swing Bridge) and 9 (Handcock’s Swing Bridge / Wango Lane) must be booked with a minimum of 72 hours’ notice. These opening hours will be in place from 31 October 2016 to 13 March 2017 and to find out more information, please follow the links below to our notices and stoppages pages:

Click here for Bingley opening times and booking information

Click here for Kirkstall to Newlay opening times and booking information

Click here for Bridges 6 (Netherton Swing Bridge) and 9 (Handcock’s Swing Bridge / Wango Lane) opening times and booking information

 Customer Op’s and volunteers clean up Litherland yard

Litherland Customer Ops team

The North West Customer Operations team along with a group of local volunteers have completed some great work at our Litherland depot and visitor mooring site. The site has had a full clear up and planting works and you can see from more pictures how great it looks! 

Leeds & Liverpool Canal Bicentenary

Historic boat Kennet completed its journey to commemorate the opening of the canal which started on Saturday 15 October 2016 and Wigan before arriving at the Eldonian Village in Liverpool for a celebration event on Sunday 23 October 2016. The trip was a great success and you can see some pictures here!

Changes to waste facilities at Kepple Lane (bridge 62) on the Lancaster Canal

Concerns have been raised by local towpath users about the bins at Kepple Lane on the Lancaster Canal. To alleviate problems with rubbish, rats and escalating servicing costs, we have removed the dustbins from Kepple Lane and will be replacing this facility with a multi-purpose bin at the entrance to the canal at bridge 62.

We would ask that bulk items, such as waste in bin bags be disposed of at the nearest boater facility, you can also find these waste facilities at Moss Lane (bridge 63). The changes will result in a saving of approximately £8,000 a year! 

New online booking systems

As of Monday 14 November 2016, the Liverpool Canal Link, Ribble Link and Wigan Dry Dock will be bookable online. To make a booking, please log in to the online licensing section and click on the bookings section.

Please contact us if you need any help.

Vegetation works – have your say!

As we plan our vegetation works for the next financial year, we want to know what you think. Please let us know about the vegetation that is impacting on your customer experience. You can do this by passing your feedback by email with the subject line ‘veg feedback’. We want to know the following information:

  • type of vegetation causing the problem for example, reeds encroaching channel, offside overhanging branches, overgrown hedges along the towpath, trees growing out of wash-walls etc
  • specific location
  • approximate length / area affected
  • a photo would be great if you can get one

Stainton Aqueduct update

Click here to view the latest information on Stainton Aqueduct.









Last date edited: 13 January 2017