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Flooding updates in your area

Waterways in the North East region have been affected by the recent flooding. Here you can find more details and the most up to date news.

Park Nook Lock

Since Boxing Day we’ve been working tirelessly to deal with the flooding damage to Elland Bridge and Crowther Bridge on the Calder & Hebble Navigation. See what we've been up to below.

Elland Bridge

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07/04/2017 A successful Family Fun Day and Opening event was held on 2 April with the ribbon being cut by Andrew Jones MP.

Final work to apply waterproofing sealant and painting of the concrete arch will be carried out over the next two weeks before contractors reinstate the site access and compound areas.

All work is expected to be completed by the end of April

 Family Fun Day


20/03/2017 One of the first boats to go through the newly opened Elland Bridge on Friday afternoon was Warwick, from Shire Cruisers, Sowerby Bridge.

Shire Cruisers


Completed TowpathWork on construction of the towpath was completed and the canal filled by Friday ahead of the re-opening of the canal to traffic on Saturday. Work will continue on clearing material and demobilising from site. An official opening event is being arranged for 2 April.



Completing towpath under bridgeWork has focussed on completing the towpath under the bridge, connecting into the existing towpath and laying the stone sett surface.

Work has also commenced on removing the large amount of temporary fill material in the canal and  uncovering the waterway wall on the non-towpath side.


This week, work commenced on facing the towpath washwall under the bridge in stone and connecting in to the existing towpath.

The large coping stones recovered when the old bridge was demolished will be brought back to site to be positioned on top of the wall and a stone sett surface laid.

Work has also started on the  task of removing the large quantity of fill material from the canal required to provide temporary access to bed level during construction.


Concrete towpath base under bridgeFollowing the dewatering of the canal, work has continued apace to cast the towpath base and wash walls which connect into the existing towpath either side of the bridge.

This should be completed early next week at which point the stone masons will return to start to install coping stones recovered as part of demolition of the old bridge.

They will also construct the wash wall above water level in stone and surface the path with stone setts. This work is likely to take around two weeks to complete.


Work commenced this week on reinstalling the clay dams and switching on the over pumping system that transfers water around the site. Material was excavated from the canal bed and removed off site to expose the concrete tie slab under the bridge and clear the area ready for construction of the wash wall and towpath. Work also took place to reinstate the garden of Convenience Cottage, used  for the temporary utility bridge base, and hand it back to the landowner. 

Work is on schedule and we expect to complete the work and open the canal by the 10 March. 


After 410 days since the Boxing Day 2015 Floods, Elland Bridge reopened to road traffic on Wednesday.

A very successful ribbon cutting took place with brass band and school choir. Efforts will now concentrate on the canal works and re-opening the canal in March. 

The early part of the week was busy with work to complete before the road re-opening. Stone masons completed the eastern bridge pier and north west approach wall, street furniture and road signage was reinstalled and white lining carried out. On Thursday work commenced on re-forming the clay dams either side of the bridge to dewater the canal and create a dry working environment. The over pumping system, which will maintain water flow through the site, was installed and will be switched on next week. Work will then continue to excavate material from the northern canal bank to expose the area where the new wash walls and towpath will be constructed.

Bridge Open to Traffic

Crowds waiting for the bridge to reopen.                                    






This week has progressed well as the weather was in our favour. The stone masons were able to complete the eastern elevation by the end of the week. They will complete the last remaining pier between the bridge and approach wall over the weekend. The eastern footway waterproofing was completed and the paving material will be laid over the weekend. Calderdale Council will be laying paving on Elland Bridge road which was in need of renewal over the weekend while the road is closed.

A further meeting took place with Calderdale Council to discuss the work needed to be completed before opening to traffic. The bridge will re-open to traffic next week.

Work also started this week on the preparing dams and over pumping in order to drain the canal to carry out the wash wall and towpath construction.

Western Elevation

Western elevation showing approach wall under construction. 



Completed Eastern Elevation


Completed eastern elevation showing bridge pier to be completed.



This week, progress has been delayed by the very cold weather. The stone masons were unable to work at all on Thursday and Friday as the temperature was below 4 degrees C meaning lime mortar would not set. The masons will be working over the weekend in order to complete the eastern elevation by the middle of next week – weather dependent. Casting of the NW approach wall was completed and the concrete surface of the bus stop area broken out ready for resurfacing. Calderdale Council planed off and laid the binder layer on Park Road, Briggate and Elland Bridge road, this week. Laying of the wearing course was delayed on Thursday due to the weather and will now take place on Friday/Saturday nights. Next week work will concentrate on completing the eastern footway where waterproofing will be carried out and the pavement laid. Work also took place to install and connect lighting columns and street furniture, and construct a traffic island.

A meeting took place with Calderdale Council to discuss the date for opening the road. It was agreed that for safety reasons, both pavements have to be open before the road is opened to traffic and a likely date for work to be completed to this stage is week commencing 6 to 13 February. A further meeting will be held next Wednesday to assess progress and decide the exact date for opening.

 Carriageway binder course laid on road surfaceCompleted western elevation



Carriageway binder course laid on road surface and completed western elevation.


Good progress has been made this week. On Monday there was a press photo call for the transferring of pedestrians and cyclists onto the western footway which was completed over the weekend. The temporary scaffold structure was removed on Tuesday/Wednesday, which allowed full construction access to the bridge deck. The stone masons have continued to build the eastern elevation and are up to stringcourse level. Work was completed on the SE approach wall and the first of three concrete pours undertaken on the NW approach wall. Calderdale Council contractors worked on replacing drainage and footway on Elland Bridge road and renewing the traffic island on Park Road. The opportunity is now also being taken to renew the surface of the bus stop area on Park Road. Work will continue all weekend on the eastern footway and drainage on the bridge itself. Next week, the base course tarmac layer will be laid on the bridge carriageway on Tuesday. Contractors acting for Calderdale Council will start work on planing off and laying a new wearing course on Park Road, Briggate and Elland Bridge road, this will take all week and be carried out at night.

Bridge deck showing completed western footway and eastern footway under construction

western elevation showing masonry wall of original stone




Bridge deck showing completed western footway and eastern footway under construction and western elevation showing masonry wall of original stone.                    


Newly constructed bridge parapet and western footway under constructionDespite some very wet and windy weather in the middle of the week, work continued on the SE approach wall with the void being filled and brought up to road level. The stone masons completed the western elevation in the original stonework. Waterproofing of the bridge deck western side was due to take place on Monday but was delayed due to the weather, and was finally completed on Thursday. This then allowed work on the western footway to commence. Work will continue throughout the weekend to ensure that on Monday morning there is a completed footway. Pedestrians will then be transferred off the temporary scaffold structure and onto the new bridge deck for the first time.

The scaffold structure will then be dismantled which is important to the completion programme as it will allow full access to bridge deck and laying of the carriageway. On Monday, the stone masons will transfer onto the eastern elevation to continue constructing the masonry wall in original stone. A meeting was held with Calderdale Council to coordinate the work with resurfacing of Park Road, Elland Bridge road and Briggate, painting of the carriageway markings and installation of road signage which are being carried out by contractors for the council, this work is scheduled to commence on 23 January 2017.


Footbridge being lifted offWork commenced again after the Christmas Holidays.

Northern Power Grid completed diversion of the last remaining cable on Thursday and all utility work is now complete with all services running through the new bridge.

Over the weekend, the temporary utility bridge and footbridge which have been in position for nearly 12 months were lifted off site by crane. This operation was completed ahead of programme with road closures able to be lifted by 13.00 on Sunday.

Work on SE approach wall tie continued with the casting of the wall and filling of the void behind with foam concrete to bring it up to road level.

The stone masons have continued to work on the western elevation with an additional gang brought to site to speed up progress.


Several utility companies have been on site this week to complete their diversions into the new bridge before Christmas. Northern Power grid were working on a temporary ‘fix’ for the remaining cable still running over the footbridge to ensure that it was clear ready for the lifting of both temporary bridges on 7/8 January. The stone mason has continued the west elevation masonry wall and is up to parapet height. This includes construction of a cavity bat roost which will be visible as a small slot on the bridge elevation. The south east approach wall tie in has been cast to half height this week, the final pour to bring it up to road height will take place in week commencing 3 January 2017.

A meeting took place with Calderdale Council and local businesses to discuss arrangements for road resurfacing, and minimise disruption to traffic. This work is expected to take place week commencing 23 January 2017.

The site will now be closed for the Christmas Holidays from today and will re-open on 3 January 2017

Masonry Wall

 Arch voussoirs, key stone and masonry wall.

Cavity Bat Roost

 Close up of external opening to cavity bat roost


Date StoneThis week efforts have concentrated on completing the services diversions with Northern Power grid working on low voltage cables which lay underneath the footbridge ramps, now removed to allow better access. It is expected that all diversions will finally be completed with services running through the new bridge before Christmas, ready for the lifting of the temporary bridges. The temporary bridges are due to be lifted off site on 7/8 January with advance signage being put out and local residents informed. The stone mason has reached parapet level with the masonry wall construction on the western elevation, including installation of the date stone and will be completed by Christmas. The south east approach wall steelwork and formers are being prepared for concrete pouring next week.


Completed arch voussoir

Photo of eastern elevation showing completed arch voussoir. Temporary scaffold structure carrying pedestrian route on the bridge.



This week, the public pedestrian route across the canal was transferred from the temporary footbridge which has been in use since January onto a scaffold structure on the new bridge itself. This is to allow the ramps up to the temporary footbridge to be dismantled so that Northern Power grid can replace power services which lie underneath the ramps. The temporary footbridge and utilities bridge are due to be lifted out on 7/8 January, road closures will be required due to the size of crane needed for the task. The utilities have continued their work to divert services back into the new bridge. The stone masons have continued to construct the masonry wall on the western bridge elevation and should have this completed up to parapet level next week.  At the beginning of the week, the decision was taken that due to delays with the utility companies work programme, the bridge will now not open to road traffic until mid-January.


Fill Voids


Work commenced this week to fill the voids between the new bridge and carriageway with concrete to bring it up to road level.  Pouring of concrete will continue over the weekend and should be completed next week.  The stone masons have completed the arch on the eastern elevation and have been working on the western elevation constructing the masonry wall around the newly constructed arch.  City Fibre arrived on site this week to commence their connections, Virgin Media have completed their work and Northern Power grid continue with their connections which have been delayed due construction conditions.


Site Prepared for Open DayPiling of the south east approach wall was completed this week and the construction of the masonry walls will pick up pace now that the stone masons are able to have better access. The utility companies continue their renewal and diversion of services with gas water and BT now all running through the new bridge. Northern Power Grid  have continued connecting the low voltage supply and Virgin Media will complete  next week, the last supplier, City Fibre, commences their work next week.

On Friday work was carried out to install 80 tonnes of hard-core and 300m of crowd barriers to create publically accessible areas for the Open Day which took place on Saturday. This proved to be a very popular event with almost 1000 people visiting  during the day to gain better understanding of the complexities of the work.


PilingWork this week has continued on piling the south east approach wall, this will be completed early next week. The stone masons have been working on constructing the masonry walls to both sides of the bridge in between other work,  including the arch voussoir stones and key stone on the western face. The bridge deck waterproofing layer was finally laid on Sunday having been delayed by bad weather. The utility companies continue their work of laying and diverting services. Gas, water and electricity are now running through the bridge. However BT and Virgin and City Fibre services are going in slower than envisaged which will delay the installation of the tarmac road surface. 


Temp. piling platform on SE approach wall

The closed canal now means that much better access can be gained to both sides of the bridge, and this week work has focussed on constructing the approach tie in wall with piling work being completed on the north west wall and temporary works carried out to enable piling to commence on the south east approach wall next week.

The utility companies have continued work to divert services back into the new bridge. Gas and water are now running through the bridge and BT will be working over the weekend to renew copper cables with fibre to follow later. Northern Powergrid commenced their programme to divert electricity services on Monday and will be on site for around 3 weeks replacing outdated cables on Park Road and Elland Bridge Road adjacent to the bridge.

The stone masons have continued to construct the masonry facing wall, work has been slower than predicted as they have to fit in around other construction work. The pace will pick up once the approach tie in wall are completed.

Preparatory discussions have taken place for an Open Day on 26 November with banners advertising the event being put up on site.


clay dam and causewayOn Monday, the canal was closed with a clay dam and causeway installed to allow easier access to the bridge.

Work has been taking place in a number of areas on the bridge. Piling contractors have been installing permanent piles to the north west approach wall and will continue with the south east approach wall next week.  Stone masons have continued to lay the masonry faces to the spandrel walls. Northern Gas Networks, Yorkshire Water and BT also continued their considerable activity of renewing and replacing services.  The gas supply now runs through the new bridge and on Monday BT started to run their data services through the bridge.


Pouring Concrete Laying Road Camber

This has been a busy week on site with work completed on installing the ducts on the new bridge, pouring concrete to bring the bridge up to carriageway level and laying the road camber.

Northern Gas Networks, Yorkshire Water and BT are all on site renewing their services and connecting to the new bridge. The gas supply will be the first service to be diverted off the temporary bridge and into the new bridge next week. Stone Masons have continued to lay masonry faces to the spandrel walls and have laid the first of the large Voussoir arch stones on the western elevation.  


Duct installation

This week, work continued to install the considerable number of ducts on the bridge required for utility services. Pouring of concrete around the ducts to bring the bridge up to road level will commence next week.  Northern Gas Networks, Yorkshire Water and BT are all on site carrying out planned work to install new services on the bridge approaches and will move onto the canal bridge itself once the ducts have been installed.  Stone masons have continued to build the masonry faces to the spandrel wall using the original stone. 


This week, work has taken place on casting the concrete bridge saddle which has now reached service duct level in readiness for commencing installation of ducts next week. Work also continued on casting the approach walls at each corner of the bridge. Northern Gas Networks commenced two weeks of planned work  on installing new pipes on the river bridge and will move onto the canal  bridge once the ducts have been installed. BT will commence  10 days of civil construction work next week. 

Casting Wing WallsThis week, work has continued on casting the wing walls in readiness for pouring the mass concrete next week. The temporary metal ‘colliery arch’ which will support the voussoirs stones whilst they are laid was lifted into position.

A site meeting was held with the seven utility companies and their contractors  to finalise details for the diversion of services back in to the new bridge. This work will start next week with Northern Gas Network.

Stone masons have continued to lay masonry and three of the four wing walls are now above water level.


This week, the seven precast arch sections and four precast spandrel sections were crane lifted into position. A successful press photo call took place on Tuesday with BBC and ITV local news, Radio Leeds and five newspaper photographers in attendance.

The structure is now looking more like a bridge which the local residents are very pleased to see. Stone masons are continuing to cut and dress the stone off site and will commence laying stone walling next week. A meeting with the seven utility companies took place this week to discuss and agree work to divert the services off the temporary bridge and back onto the new bridge.  This work will commence on 10 October and take around 11 weeks to complete.


A significant milestone was reached this week with the reconstruction of Elland Road Bridge following the floods last Christmas. 

Elland Bridge Arch Lift

Elland Bridge Arch Lift

Elland Bridge Arch Lift

Elland Bridge Arch Lift


Work has been completed on casting the concrete arches which will be brought to site and lifted into position from Monday of next week. The design for the tie-in walls at the NW and SE corners of the bridge has been progressed this week and we have had subcontractors on site looking at the practicalities of constructing these. The masons have been working off site to produce the facing stone and the four no. springer stones for the bridge.


Work has now been completed on casting the concrete wing walls ready to receive the pre-cast concrete arch. Next week, localised clay dams will be constructed to enable building of stone wall below water level to begin on the southern abutment. Delivery of the pre-cast arch sections is now confirmed for 26 September – 2 October. 


Work has continued on the shuttering and casting of the concrete wing walls  ready to receive the precast arch sections. The seven precast arch sections are due to be lifted into position on 19 September when the opportunity will be taken for some publicity of this key stage in the construction of the bridge. The stone mason has now completed cutting of the stone required for the bridge wing walls and will be on site next week to commence construction of the tie in to the approach walls on east elevation.


Work continued on the shuttering and steel reinforcements for the wing walls this week and BT completed construction of the new equipment chamber and cable ducting to the bridge site. The arch voussoirs stones have been cut to size and laid out in the shape of the arch to enable a detailed inspection to be made to determine which stones need to be repaired or re-faced. The upstream arch has been subject to more weathering and sustained more damage during the floods. The stone mason has now started on cutting the stone required for the bridge wing walls. 


Work continued on the shuttering and steel reinforcements for the wing walls this week. BT Openreach continued the construction of the large equipment chamber.

A site inspection took place at the stone mason’s yard to view the cut voussoirs stone and agree specification for the re-dressing of damaged or badly worn voussoirs and walling stone. As enough good quality stone has been recovered, the new bridge will contain all stone from the old bridge with no new stone required to complete it.


Work on the cast reinforced concrete north and south bridge abutments was completed on site this week. BT Openreach started construction of a large equipment chamber and ducting in preparation for data cable diversion later. The arch voussoirs stone is now being cut, re-faced and marked up ready for installation in the new bridge. Flood branded site signage was installed on the temporary footbridge explaining the cause of the damage, demolition and work to date at the bridge. This is proving a popular read with the local residents.


Work on the concrete abutments and piling for the new wing walls has continued this week. The order for the casting of seven bridge arch sections has now been placed with a specialist pre cast concrete manufacturer , these will now be prepared and are expected to be ready for installation around 29 August. The arch voussoirs stone from the old bridge are now being taken to a stone mason’s yard for cutting to size ready for installation in the new bridge, this work will take around four weeks to complete.


Work has continued on preparation of steel reinforcement and shuttering for concrete to complete the bridge abutments. This should take place next week.  Final design drawings for the arch have been completed. Orders will now be placed  for the casting of the arch sections off site. This work will take around six weeks to complete.

Specialist stone masons have inspected the stone from the original bridge, stored off site. Next week, they will start to take the individually carved arch voussoir stones to a local mason’s yard to be cut down to the depth required to be re-used in the new bridge. A meeting took place with all the utility companies to discuss the proposed ducting arrangements in the new bridge and ensure these fit in with their requirements. They also discussed a provisional programme for diverting utility services back into the new bridge – expected to commence in October.


Following a busy weekend completing concrete abutments, the canal opened this morning at Elland Bridge and the first boat has gone through.


Permanent piling was completed this week with the piling contractor demobilising from site on Tuesday. Work on constructing the concrete abutments and tie slab on the canal bed will continue next week. After which the canal can be re-watered and a section removed from both clay dams to allow boats to pass through.  It is expected that the canal will re-open to boat traffic on 4 July.


After the relocation of the temporary works piles to the south last weekend, we continued this week with the installation of the permanent piles to the foundation of the new bridge. These works are progressing well and all piling is due to be completed Tuesday/Wednesday of next week, after which will we commence with the installation of the reinforced concrete tie-slab followed by the reinforced concrete abutments. The formal planning permission for the new bridge was received this week.


Following the removal of additional unforeseen obstructions from infront of the temporary works piles last week, some minor displacement of the pile line on both sides was noted, over last weekend and at the start of this week. No further movement has been recorded since last Friday but we will continue to monitor daily.

As the working areas between each pile line is only limited, this encroachment impacted on our positioning of the permanent piles for the new bridge abutments. After reviewing all the options collectively – and after consulting with Calderdale – we decided that the best option would be to relocate the position of the bridge 250mm to the south. 


Installing Clay DamsClay dams were installed either side of the bridge site and piles driven in as part of the temporary works to facilitate construction of the new bridge. (Photo shows the dam in the foreground and bridge site). An over pumping system has been installed consisting of 3 x 4in pumps which will ensure that water can be passed around the site maintaining water levels in the rest of the canal.  Over the weekend, a fish rescue will be carried out and water pumped out between the dams to ensure a dry site. 


Demolition Elland Bridge completedDemolition of the bridge completed this week with all stone taken off site. This allowed installation of two temporary clay dams to start three days ahead of programme. These will take around five days to install with around 200tonnes of material per day being brought in.  After this the canal between the dams will be dewatered in readiness for foundation construction.

Completion of demolition allowed a window of opportunity for boats stranded at Elland Wharf since Christmas to leave towards Sowerby Bridge, one boat took up this opportunity after a channel had been prepared through the bridge hole by the contractors.

A  Site Progress Meeting was held on Thursday when design, programme and methodology were discussed.  The final bridge design is now being amended taking into account comments from the Canal & RIver Trust engineering team and utility companies.


Demolition continuesDemolition of Elland bridge has continued this week, with stones being lifted, sorted, crated, shrink wrapped and removed to a secure Calderdale Council site. The design team met on Thursday, foundation design is now complete and draft bridge design will be completed next week. This will then be shared with the utility companies to ensure it meets requirements.



Demolition Elland Bridge

Demolition of Elland Bridge started on Monday 25 April. Pontoons with crash mats were floated under the bridge and the stones marked up ready for removal. The stones will be carefully lifted, sorted, crated, shrink wrapped and removed to a secure Calderdale Council site.  This work will continue for the next 4-5 weeks.


Elland Temporary Service Bridge

The next stage of the works at Elland Bridge was carried out. Installation of a temporary bridge to house all the service cables and pipes using a 750t crane.

The temporary service bridge is now installed which will allow all of the utilities to be moved away from the existing bridge.  Once all of the utilities have been moved we will be demolishing the bridge to allow the navigation to be reopened at this point.  We are working with Calderdale Council to demolish Crowther Bridge during the same period. 

Boxing day floods

Elland Temporary Footbridge

Elland Bridge has suffered structural damage.  Engineers have worked with the Council on installing a temporary footbridge, which is now installed. 

Engineers have now carried out a detailed inspection and it has been agreed that it will need to be totally rebuilt. As the bridge is Grade II Listed, the new bridge will re-use as much of the existing stone as possible. A temporary footbridge has been opened to re- connect the town of Elland and a temporary services bridge is being designed which will carry the large number of services whist the main bridge is re built. Rebuilding the bridge is likely to take until December 2016 to complete.

Crowther Bridge


Flood Hit Crowther Bridge Reopens


Towpath, path seededThe towpath tarmac surface, topsoil and grass seed has been completed. Kerbs, pavement and carriageway base course has been installed on the bridge deck. All that remains to do is the wearing course on the bridge deck,  installation of gates fencing and landscaping of areas on the bridge approaches, and site demobilisation. We currently expect to open the road and towpath on 11 September.


Stone faced gabion baskets on the bridge approaches are now completed. Kerb construction and carriageway base course surfacing on the bridge deck was completed last week and the towpath tarmac surface, top soiling and seeding will be completed this week.  We currently expect to open the bridge to traffic in the first week of September.

Kerb ConstructionStone faced gabion


All utility services have now been diverted back into the bridge. Work is ongoing to construct the stone faced gabion baskets on  the bridge approaches and these should be completed by the end of next week. Work will then focus on the bridge deck carriageway construction including waterproofing, kerbing, footway and tarmac surface. We currently expect to open the bridge to road traffic before the end of August.


Completing faciningsThe stone masons have now completed facing both elevations of the bridge in natural stone.

Work is now ongoing to re-direct services into the ducts installed on the bridge and construct the approach walls in gabion baskets filled with coursed natural stone.

Following this the bridge deck will be waterproofed and surfaced in tarmac.

We currently expect to reopen the bridge to road traffic in August.


Natural Stone WallsThe stone masons commenced work this week on the natural stone walls to the bridge elevations and have made good progress. The arch voussoir stones have been cut from stone not needed at Elland Bridge and the walling stone is locally sourced natural stone from Crosland Hill quarry in Huddersfield.  The walls should be up to road level by the end of next week after which the stone parapets will be constructed.

Meetings have been held with Calderdale Council to discuss the treatment of the approach bank tie in arrangements to the bridge which will be constructed following completion of the masonry in June.  The adjacent footbridge remains closed during working hours but is open evening and weekends to allow users of the adjacent  Cromwell Bottom nature reserve access.  It is expected that the bridge will be fully open to traffic in early August.


Precast arch and spandrels completedPrecast arch and spandrels have now been completed and has the appearance of a bridge. The north and south wing walls will be cast over the next two weeks. After Easter work will commence on filling the bridge with concrete to form the strong flood resistant core.   Construction of the stone external walls will start next month. Note that the towpath will remain diverted around the construction and access over the adjacent foot bridge will be restricted during working hours (8 am to 6pm Monday to Friday)


Towpath and wash walls was completedWork on construction of the towpath and wash walls was completed and the canal filled ahead of reopening to traffic on Saturday. Next week, the concrete arch sections will be lifted into position on Wednesday to Friday and traffic will be restricted between 10 and 4 each day. 


Completing the towpath

The concrete abutments have now been completed and work has focussed on completing the towpath and connecting to existing path either side of the bridge.

Next week scour protection will be installed on the bed of the canal and clay dams removed.


Work to Crowther Bridge has been delayed due to unexpected ground conditions and difficulties in installing foundation piles. As a result of this, the programme of works has been revised and additional time will be required to complete foundations and construction of the washwall and towpath. We are extending the stoppage by one week and now expect to finish on the 17 March.


Completed northern embankment pilingPiling work continued all week on site. Technical difficulties on site has delayed this work and despite working the weekend the piling crew were not able to complete before Christmas as expected. Northern embankment piling was completed, however southern embankment piling will have to continue after the Christmas break. 



Work has continued all week on piling the northern and southern abutments. The piling contractor will be working all weekend to catch up on programme caused by poor driving conditions.


It is expected that piling both north and south abutments will be completed by Christmas


Work has continued all week on piling the northern and southern abutments. The piling contractor will be working this weekend to catch up on delays experienced by poor ground conditions.


Work has continued all week on piling the northern and southern abutments. The piling contractor is experiencing difficult geological conditions which is slowing the rate of work.


   Piling for abutments

Work commenced this week on piling of the northern and southern abutments. This is likely to take around 10-12 days to complete




Clay Dams


Work has continued to complete clay dams and form a working area in the bed of the canal. Piling of the northern abutment will start next week.




Piling platform and temp. canal crossing.The canal is now closed allowing much better access to both sides of the canal. The piling platform is completed ready for piling of the north abutment next week.




04/11/2016 Following closure of the canal, temporary Clay dams were installed this week and the canal dewatered ready for the commencement of piling of the foundations. 

28/10/2016 This week work has continued to re-profile the south embankment for access and next week, the clay dams will be constructed to enable the canal to be closed and dewatered for commencement of foundation piling. 

21/10/2016 Work has now been completed on the coffer dam and platform for the piling rig on the northern side in readiness for commencement of piling for the bridge foundations

14/10/2016 Work has now been completed on the coffer dam and platform for the piling rig on the northern side in readiness for commencement of piling for the bridge foundations.

07/10/2016 Work has now been completed on the coffer dam and platform for the piling rig on the northern side in readiness for commencement of piling for the bridge foundations. 


This week work has been completed on the north cofferdam, excavation to canal bed level and installation of the temporary platform for the piling rig. Following completion of the additional ground investigation, the northern foundations have now been re-designed to take into account underling geology.  Work on the permanent piling of the northern bridge foundations will commence on 10 October.



Piling of the cofferdam to the North abutment has been completed within this week. To do this we had to close the footpath between 8am and 5pm to allow the works to progress safely. We have been continuing to liaise closely with Cromwell Nature Group to ensure that any inconvenience has been kept to a minimum.


Following completion of the ground investigation, work will commence on the piling for the  northern side cofferdam. This will enable the northern bridge abutment to be constructed below water level. The stone mason has also started inspecting the stone recovered from demolition. A lot of the stone was damaged or lost during the floods so stone will have to be sourced from that not required at Elland Bridge or bringing in new stone.


This week additional Ground Investigation has been carried out on the northern side of the canal to determine the exact nature of the underlying geology and ensure the correct foundation design solution has been adopted. Work will commence on the northern side cofferdam to enable construction of the bridge foundation.


The temporary access ramp and pontoons have been completed on the off side of the canal. The access ramp has been trimmed up and the access into the canal has been safety railed and crash barriers installed. 200Tof puddle clay has been placed into the canal to form part of the temporary works for access to accept the cofferdam sheets during the pilling.


Work Continued on construction of the temporary access ramp down to canal level this week. The floating pontoons required to allow plant to access the southern side of the canal were delivered to site and manoeuvred into position. Two pontoons will be fixed to the canal bank and two will be moved into position when required. This will ensure the canal can remain open throughout the summer. The temporary access arrangements should be completed next week.


Due to ground investigation findings, the temporary access arrangements and final bridge foundations details have been amended resulting in a delayed start to construction. However work has started this week on the revised access ramp down to water level. To maintain an open navigation through the site during the summer, plant access to the southern side will be by moveable unifloat pontoons. Final ‘construction issue’ design drawings were issued to the contractor this week.


100 tons of stone was delivered to site as construction of  the temporary access down to the canal continues

A meeting was held on site to consider the final design of the bridge foundations in light of ground investigation findings to ensure that the correct solution is chosen.

Final design drawings were completed for the pre cast bridge arch which will be similar to Elland and the order for the casting of this arch will be placed next week.


Work has continued this week on preparation of the foundations for the temporary bailey bridge. This should be ready to lift into position next week. Our design consultants have been revising drawings for the bridge (which will be very similar to Elland Bridge) and will issue final drawings next week. Planning permission for Crowther bridge was granted by Calderdale Council this week.


Following a busy weekend completing concrete abutments, the canal opened this morning at Crowther Bridge and the first boat has gone through.


Work has continued this week to remove the remaining debris from the channel and take stone off site for storage and re-use in the new bridge.  The temporary dams were removed from site at the end of the week and the channel made ready to re-open to boat traffic. A temporary Bailey bridge and cofferdams will be installed to enable work to continue with an open canal.  It is expected that the canal will re-open to boat traffic on 4 July.


Work has continued this week to remove the debris from the navigable channel. We have left the portable dams in place over the weekend to allow time for the suspended sediment to settle to the canal bed and intend to remove these next week. Next week we will continue to remove debris from the site and the reclaimed stone will continue to be sorted and placed on pallets for re-use. The next stage will be to install foundations for the temporary bailey bridge across the canal.


This week we overcame the problems with ensuring the seal to the fabric dams, the bridge was fully demolished and we are on with clearing the debris and salvaging stone masonry. Following this we will be installing the foundations for a temporary bailey bridge, which will cross the navigation downstream of Crowther bridge and allow access to both sides of the canal, whilst maintaining a navigational clearance. We remain on programme to have the navigation open by the 4 of July.


This week, fabric dams have been installed either side of the bridge, and an over pumping system installed to allow water to be passed around the site. Demolition of the bridge will commence next week with stone from the bridge being retained and stored on site for re-use in the new bridge.


Trees were felled this week to allow plant access to the bridge. The adjacent Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve members carried out a ‘watching brief’ for nesting birds over the weekend before felling.  The contractor commenced setting up a compound and storage space in readiness for demolition next week and completed slip trenches to ensure all services in the bridge have been isolated.


Ground Investigation drilling was completed this week. Discussions have commenced with landowners regarding access required to ramp down into the canal. Draft foundation designs will be completed next week.

Since the December 2015 Floods in Leeds there has been a great deal of clean up activity and preservation on the River Aire.  Please visit River Aire Care for more details and to register to volunteer.

Last date edited: 19 September 2017