We love and care for your canals and rivers, because everyone deserves a place to escape.

Why are we consulting?

As part of the Green Flag assessment process, we are measured each year to make sure we are still complying with the management plan and therefore are still worthy to fly the green flag.

In year two, we are mystery shopped by expert judges, but during the third year (2017) we are required to resubmit our management plan for a full reassessment.

We believe that to make our plan more robust and inclusive we need as many comments and thoughts from those who use the Macclesfield Canal and towpath.  We want to know what we have in place covers the needs and wishes of as many groups, individuals and organisations as possible, so that the waterways and the Green Flag can be of upmost benefit to the community it passes through. 

Whilst we can’t promise to include all comments in the plan, we do promise where possible to:

  • let people know why suggestions haven’t been included
  • involve people where possible and if requested
  • update people here on what we have done, what has changed and what we plan to do next
  • put the views of our customers first.

You can contribute at any time from the 16 September until the 16 October 2016.

Our management plan

Within the management plan we have aimed to cover as much information that is both relevant and manageable within the timeframe. This covers:

  • background information of the canal, our organisation, the objective
  • our vision and values
  • budget and planning
  • management and maintenance
  • heritage
  • environment management and protection
  • water resources
  • safety and security
  • visitors and users
  • community engagement and involvement

Macclesfield management plan

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Last date edited: 16 September 2016