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Water transfers

Our waterways can help mitigate water shortages by transferring water from areas with a surplus of water, to those with higher levels of water stress, such as London and the South.

Increased temperatures, due to climate change, will exacerbate water stress in the coming years. Water shortages in some areas of the UK are a serious risk, with some parts of the country facing significant drought, while neighbouring areas have surplus water.

It is predicted that droughts will become more frequent, more severe and more widespread over the coming years leading to higher levels of water stress across the UK.

A priority area

Water shortages have been highlighted as a priority area to address by the Committee on Climate Change which has suggested that this area requires urgent action by Government.

We already provide drinking water in Cheshire, care of the Llangollen Canal, and nearly half of all the drinking water in Bristol, via the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal.

Last Edited: 02 January 2024

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