Pre-application advice

We're happy to provide pre-application advice directly to applicants/developers or to local planning authorities.


We do not charge for pre-planning application advice in our role as a statutory consultee.

The level of feedback we can provide will, to an extent, be dependent upon the level of information that is provided by applicants. As a minimum we would like:

  • a red line location plan
  • a clear description of the proposed development
  • drawings and/or plans on which to comment, including a proposed site layout plan and waterside elevations (where relevant)

We also encourage applicants to provide relevant supporting technical and other documents, where these are available. These will help us to provide you with feedback upon not just planning and design issues, but matters involving ourselves as landowner too, and allow us to direct you to our colleagues for more detailed advice in relation to issues such as:

  • access to (and oversailing of) our property which is likely to need our prior consent (including any commercial agreement). Dealt with by our Estates General Enquiries Team
  • proposals relating to boat yards, marinas and commercial boat agreements. Dealt with by our Boating Business Team
  • proposal for the discharge water to the waterway, abstractions, industrial heating, and pipe/media crossings/easements which is likely to require our agreement. Dealt with by our Utilities Team
  • proposals affecting navigation, locks, customer facilities or freight. Dealt with by the relevant Waterway Operation Team
  • proposals to restore a waterway. Dealt with by our Infrastructure Services Team

We’re subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000. As such developers/applicants need to know that any pre-application information given to us and our advice may be made publicly available. If you’d like more information about this please contact us.

Last date edited: 18 August 2017