Case studies

The following case studies provide examples regarding the impact of third party development upon our network.

The development management checklist is split into the different sections below.

Protecting and safeguarding inland waterways for water resourcing purposes, including the need for water management, improving water quality, managing land drainage, and avoiding, reducing and managing flood risk:

Protecting and enhancing the heritage, natural environment and landscape character of inland waterways:

Encouraging public access to and recreation use of inland waterways:

Protecting and supporting the navigation of inland waterways and waterway-related tourism:

Safeguarding the safety and structural integrity of waterway infrastructure and the safety of users and neighbours:

Protecting the operational waterway infrastructure:

Protecting future restoration of redundant and derelict waterways and new waterway links where identified in the development plan:

Potential contribution of inland waterways to sustainable development and climate change:

Planning obligation examples:

Last date edited: 19 November 2020