What to buy for a canal fishing starter kit

You’ve visited one of our free Let’s Fish! events and now you want your own kit. Here’s what to ask for from your local fishing tackle shop. Be warned, some small shops may try to sell you equipment that's unsuitable for canal fishing.

Fishing kit and tackle Fishing kit and tackle

To have the best chance of catching some fish, you'll need a few basic items of equipment. The list below has been put together by our professional, experienced Let's Fish! coaches to get you up and fishing in no time.

You will need:

  • A 5 or 6 metre take-apart pole with the top two sections being telescopic. This gives you many more options than say a 3-metre telescopic whip.
  • The top section of the pole should be elasticated with a number 3 or number 4 elastic, which the shop staff should be able to do for you. They will also fit the bung and stonfo connector.
  • A couple of rigs suitable for canal fishing. Float of around 0.3 to 0.4g and mainline diameter around 0.10. The hook size should be a 20 or 22, with the hook length line around 0.08 diameter.
  • A disgorger
  • A plummet (the lightest one they stock)
  • One or more bait tins or plastic storage boxes
  • A landing net and a landing net handle
  • Fishing box to sit on (optional)
  • A packet of spare hooks to nylon, size 20 or 22

Top tip

If you can’t find suitable rigs in your local store, come along to another Let’s Fish! event and ask one of our coaches for advice on how to make up your own rigs and tie your own hooks. Many Let’s Fish! clubs also run classroom sessions where you can learn these skills.

Canal fishing nets Canal fishing nets

Last date edited: 21 December 2020