Let's Fish! Local clubs get involved

Learn the basics of canal fishing as professional angling club members share their skills with you.

Lets Fish Coach

With our support, angling clubs up and down the country are helping us to encourage everyone to use and enjoy our waterways by hosting free Let's Fish! fishing sessions.

See the list below for the angling clubs nearest you:  
  • Milton Keynes
  • Luton AA
  • Tring AA
  • Northampton Nene
  • Wellingborough Nene
  • Nottingham Federation
  • Hodnet AC
  • Wynbunbury AA
  • Prince Albert AS
  • Nottingham AA
  • Mirfield AC
  • Devizes
  • Long Eaton Federation
  • Stoke On Trent angling Society
  • Port Sunlight
  • Brighouse
  • York
  • Wolverhampton
  • PERLS/Three Musketeers
  • Pontypool/Cwmcelyn/Festival
  • Reading DAA
  • Rochdale Waltonians
  • Moathouse Academy
  • Pride of Derby AA
  • Ramsbottom
  • Taunton
  • Wigston
  • Withnell

Angling is such a great sport for relaxing by the water, learning new skills and making new friends. So, to make sure there are always places to go fishing near you, we work with hundreds of local angling clubs across England and Wales. Together we're making life better by water. 

Last date edited: 28 February 2022