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Let's Fish! FAQs

Each year thousands of children, mums, dads and grandparents catch their first fish at a Let's Fish! event. If you have a question about our attending, you can find the answer below.

Group of friends get their certificates at Let's Fish!

Click on a section below to see frequently asked questions.

Can anyone of any age take part?

These one-hour sessions are designed for adults and for children from six years old upwards who are interested in trying out a potential new hobby.

We're hoping to again be able to offer shorter 30-minute sessions suitable for younger children.

Let's Fish! sessions are a great reintroduction to fishing for people who have not fished for many years and are thinking about getting back into it.

Am I allowed to book more than one hour-long slot?

As these events are introductory sessions, we feel it's only fair that as many people as possible have the opportunity to take part. For that reason, you may only book one session per person per day.

If spare slots become available, we'll try to extend our schedule accordingly.

I have a disability. Is Let's Fish! suitable for me?

Disabilities come in many shapes and forms. We do our best to make sure everyone can take part, where we're able to do so safely. We would encourage you to inform us of your particular circumstances when registering for an event.

At some locations, physical access to our historic network can be challenging. Please email us explaining which event you'd like to attend and we'll ask the lead coach for that event to get in touch with you to discuss your access requirements.

All the slots are fully booked, am I still allowed to book on?

Once a Let's Fish! session is fully booked, we're unable to let any more people on.

We have a waiting list that isn't time slot specific, it is set to 24hrs before the opportunity goes to the next on the waiting list. This is what is displayed to those on the waiting list.

If a ticket becomes available, you will be contacted automatically with further instructions on how to purchase your ticket. No further action is required.

Why are some Let's Fish! events free, whilst others have a nominal £5 charge?

Those events that are free to participants are fully funded by an outside third-party organisation.

The £5 ticket charge for Let's Fish! paid events does not cover the actual delivery cost of the session, therefore standard terms and conditions of our non-cancelation policy still apply.

What time should I arrive?

Try to arrive five minutes before your session begins. If you arrive too early, the previous participant may still be being coached or the coach might be cleaning the equipment.

My child is participating, do I need to bring anything special?

A fold-up chair would be useful so you can watch the fishing in comfort, well away from the water's edge. However, at some locations, remaining in the car park might be the most appropriate option.

Choose suitable clothing and footwear for the predicted weather forecast, and consider bringing suncream or raincoats.

Can I bring food and drink?

Drinks are permitted and are important to avoid the risk of dehydration, especially in hot weather. Participants should not bring food to an event unless this is necessary for medical reasons.

Do I need to bring any bait?

No, the coaches bring fishing bait that is most suitable for the venue. You can find out more about the best canal fishing baits in our fishing skills section.

Do I need to bring my own tackle?

No, we provide all the necessary equipment. Our coaches use the equipment that we judge will bring the best results at each venue.

Can I use my own tackle?

No, we don't allow people to use their own tackle at Let's Fish! introductory sessions. Our coaches will have all the necessary equipment suitable for the venue. They're trained to only use the type of equipment that brings the best results.

If you attend further development sessions with your local club, then you'll be encouraged to use your own equipment.

Will I have to hold maggots and fish?

If you want to, then of course you will get the opportunity. If not, learning to do these things can wait until a future session.

All our coaches have a supply of hand sanitiser so you will come away from the event with clean hands.

Will I be shown how to unhook and return fish to the water without harming them?

Yes, the coach will show you this. You may get an opportunity to unhook your own fish, should you wish to do so. You will begin to learn and understand fish care.

Do I need to have an Environment Agency/Natural Resources Wales rod licence?

No, we have special exemption for all Let's Fish! participants, so, providing you have registered to attend the event, you'll be legally covered.

However, if you want to fish on your own after the event, then you must have a rod licence. The only exception is children under 13, who don't require a licence.

Young people between the ages of 13 and 16 (inclusive) can get a free junior rod licence.

Do I need a club membership or Waterway Wanderers permit?

No, you don't need any kind of fishing permit to attend a Let's Fish! event.

If you decide to take up angling in the future, you may well end up joining one of the angling clubs based on our canal network. Local clubs who are our partners in the Let's Fish! programme will usually have information available at events, so look out for this.

Can I stay and fish after my session?

Yes, we usually allow this, providing there is enough space available at the event location.

However, you would need to use your own fishing equipment and bait, and not fish within 50 metres of the Let's Fish! coaches, so as not to impact on other participants' sessions.

I really enjoyed my first session, can I book again?

Absolutely! Please feel free to book and attend as many times as you wish, as long as it's not more than one session per day.

Once you have had three or four sessions, we would encourage you to talk to the coaches about further development coaching and working towards representing your local club in a forthcoming competition. For children, the Junior, cadet and youth canal angling championships is a great next step, as participants don't need a lot of experience.

How many sessions do I need to attend before l will be able to fish without a coach?

This depends on many factors. Ask your coach for advice at your next session.

Can I enter the Junior, cadet and youth canal angling championships even though I am a newcomer to fishing?

Yes, this two-day event is designed to be a celebration of angling and caters for young people with a wide range of fishing experience and ability. Realistically, it is suitable for someone with a minimum of three or four hours of Let's Fish! experience.

You need to be able to tackle up, hold your pole, strike at bites, land fish, bait the hook, feed and unhook fish, although help in using a disgorger is allowed from your parent or guardian. Help is also allowed on the day through the use of a landing net to land big fish, but the participant must hold the rod or pole at all times. Please email us if you have any questions.

For paid events, what is your refund and cancellation policy?

Tickets must be cancelled no later than 7 days before the date of the event or a refund will not be issued.

However, if we cancel the event all participants will receive a refund.

If you dispute this, you can contact us at [email protected] and we will reply within 5 days.

Cancellation procedure

Please note, the charge for the event does not reflect the actual cost. Even if you are not able to receive a cancellation refund, in order to avoid being invoiced for the standard £50.00 administration fee you are still required to cancel your ticket.

Therefore, you must cancel using one of these three mechanisms:

  • 1 The preferred method is via the Eventbrite ticket booking system using the link that you can find on your ticket. This can be found at the bottom of your ticket and has a link directly to “cancel my ticket”.
  • 2 By email [email protected] giving details of date, time, venue and participants in your email message. Don't email if within 24 hours of the event, instead please use option 1 above or in an emergency use option 3 below.
  • 3 In the event of an unforeseen emergency within 24 hours of the event, by telephoning the lead coach named in your final reminder email which will have been sent to you approximately 24 hours before the commencement of event.

We ask for your co-operation in this matter. This will allow others who would otherwise have regrettably missed out due to lack of space, the opportunity to attend this event.

Can I make a private group booking or arrange an individual coaching day?

Yes, email us for more information and we will work with you to arrange something suitable.

Last Edited: 13 March 2023

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