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Fish species

Our canals and rivers hold a great variety of fish. But do you know which are native? Which are protected? And which are actually classed as invasive species?

The more you know about a fish, the more fun you can have fishing. Our fisheries and angling manager, Carl Nicholls, has put together this helpful guide to the most common types of fish foundĀ in our canals and rivers. He even includes hints and tips on the best ways to catch them too.

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Meet our favourite native fish

Some of the rarest fish in our waterways

A few unwelcome invaders

Note: All references to record-breaking size fish are taken from the British Record Fish Committee January 2015.

Our fish species guide has been brought to life thanks to wonderful images from Jack Perks Photography.

Tench, courtesy of Jack Perks Tench, courtesy of Jack Perks

Last date edited: 23 January 2018