Continuous Cruiser monitoring process

View our continuous cruising monitoring process and all accompanying documents.

Image of narrowboat cruising past other boats on the canal Continuously cruising the canals

All boats are required to move every 14 days (or sooner if notices require) unless they are at their home mooring. Early in 2015 we introduced a new process to monitor the movement of boats without a home mooring. To help you we’ve gathered together on this page some information about how we monitor boat movements, why we have to do it, and what it might mean for you.

When our team record boat sightings they now record which kilometre of each waterway the boat is on. You can see the locations of all our kilometre lengths by checking our bespoke map, and find out how we monitor boat movement here.

If you’d like to see the various letters we send out to boaters, you can find the templates below:

Useful downloads

 * Please note these templates may be subject to minor changes to reflect individual circumstances.

If you've received one of the above letters and want some advice on what to do next please read our letter FAQs and/or speak to our team.

Last date edited: 21 August 2018