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Customer service standards

We are committed to putting all our customers at the very heart of what we do, ensuring that you consistently have the best experience we can provide. To help us achieve this we have our new customer service standards

Back in 2006 our predecessor, British Waterways, undertook a customer service transformation programme. It was a huge piece of work, involving technical and customer service teams from across all areas of the business and, from it, the original customer service standards were born.

Of course, nearly 10 years later and in this fast changing world, the 2006 standards were dated. What we had once considered to be excellent, or even aspirational, might now only be considered satisfactory. So we went back to the drawing board.

What do they look like?

Now you've heard all about how they came to be, you can find out what it is that we've committed to do if you read through our Customer Service Standards.

If you were familiar with the old standards we hope that you’ll notice the improvements, particularly the additional information, which explains how we will achieve these standards.  

Useful downloads 

Safety Standards
Customer Service Standards, June 2015


Last date edited: 15 July 2015