Development Guide

In 2006 we published our Inland Marina Investment Guide. The Guide was withdrawn in early 2012. It had not been updated since it was published and as much of it was out of date we decided that the very high cost of doing this was not justified.

View of rear of moored boats in Welton Hyde Marina Welton Hyde Marina, Daventry

The initial purpose of the Guide was to stimulate interest amongst landowners, developers and marina operators to increase the provision of off line moorings. This has been very successful and it was our judgment that the case we made in the Guide was now well understood. We continue to receive expressions of interest from existing marina operators, landowners and developers.

Prospective marina developers should continue to undertake their own research into the viability of their proposal and should take professional advice to determine the suitability of a site, likely development costs and the likelihood of securing a successful planning consent. If you need assistance in making an application to connect a new marina to our waterway network please have a look at the rest of this website which contains lots of helpful information.

Last date edited: 22 July 2015