Information for existing boating businesses

What to do if you want to expand your business or make changes to an existing lease or other agreement

Expanding your business

If you want to expand your boating business by, for example, increasing the number of holiday hire boats you operate or branching out into a new trip boat operation, please read the relevant information in Starting or expanding a boating business and following the Application Process.  You should also follow this same process if you would like to move existing hire or passenger boats from one location to another. You can also use the ‘new business’ section to check up on what the current regulations for your existing business are if you think you may be a bit out of date. Your local Business Boating Manager will be able to help you with any enquiries you may have. Their details and the areas they cover are in the Business Boating Team contacts section.

Renewing or altering your lease

If you lease premises or moorings directly from the Canal & River Trust and you want to alter, extend or renew your agreement, please contact the relevant Business Boating Surveyor. Their details and the areas they cover are in the contact us section.

Looking for somewhere to operate from?

Boatyards, hire bases and commercial moorings don’t come up all that often, but if you’re looking for something in a particular area, let us know and we’ll tell you about any opportunities we know of. 

Trade Associations and organisations

There are many organisations and associations that can help you with your business. They provide guidance on best practice and provide a good way of getting to know other people who run similar businesses. Details of some of the most popular can be found in our Boating business useful links section.

For anything else, please contact us.

Last date edited: 12 February 2020