Useful links for boating businesses

Other organistions that can help you

There are many other organisations that you may find it helpful to contact.  Details for some of the most often referred to are given below.

Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA)

Responsible for inspecting large Skippered Passenger Boats, the Boatmaster’s Licence, the Small Passenger Boat Code and the Hire Boat Code amongst other things.

Tel: 0870 600 6505

Environment Agency (EA)

Navigation Authority for many rivers not in Canal & River Trust care.  Also gives advice on flooding, dredging regulations and the Waste Carriers Licence.

Tel: 0870 850 6505

British Marine

An independent body representing all boating industries. Advises on all aspects of running a boating business.

Tel: 01784 473377

Commercial Boat Operators Assocation (CBOA)

Organisation representing freight operators, those carrying cargo on cruising and remainder waterways and some waterway traders.

British Marine Inland Boating (BMIB)

An independent body representing businesses who offer trip, hire and hotel boats to the general public.

Tel: 0844 800 9575

National Community Boats Association (NCBA)

A national waterways charity supporting voluntary and community boating projects.

Tel: 0845 051 0649

Roving Canal Traders Association (RCTA)

A website dedicated to helping roving canal traders to communicate better with each other and with Canal & River Trust.

The Yacht Harbour Association (THYA)

An organisation specialising in advice and accreditation for marina businesses.

Tel: 01784 223817

Canal Boatbuilders Association (CBA)

An association specialising in advice for boat builders. 

Tel: 0844 800 9575

Boaters Handbook

The Canal & River Trust has launched a new edition of the Boater’s Handbook in partnership with the Environment Agency.  First published in 2002, the Handbook is written for boat owners and hirers and contains lots of 'getting started' tips as well as important information about how to boat safely. 

The updated Handbook contains some new information on which waterways are suited to wider craft and which ones only narrow boats should use, with a map that shows which canals are suitable for each.  There’s also pointers on the extra factors owners and hirers of wide beams need to be aware of when navigating and mooring.

A pdf copy of the handbook can be downloaded from our website pages  A Guide to Boating.

Copies of the DVD can be ordered free from our online shop (please note a maximum of 2 copies per customer). 

Boaters can also find a PDF the updated waterway dimensions on the Trust’s website:

Boater Report

The Boater Report gives an overview of how much it costs to maintain our canals and rivers. This includes where the Trust’s money comes from and where it gets spent, for example how much gets spent on dredging, maintenance, vegetation management or on customer service and facilities. The report also includes information on licence evasion, the role of volunteering and the importance of boating on our waterways

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB)

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) produce a safety digest to draw attention to some of the lessons arising from investigations into accidents and incidents.  They have produced an incident report which customers may find useful as part of a handover process to warn of dangers to customers. 

The document is available to download here 2021-SD1-MAIBSafetyDigest-Case23

The full report is vavailable to download from their website

Last date edited: 7 April 2021