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Fees and terms & conditions

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2016 - 2017 price lists

1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017

There has been no change to boat licences from 2015/2016 to 2016/2017.  This is in line with our three-year commitment to limit boat licence fee increases to inflation only rises until 2016[1] and is applicable to all our private and business boating customers[2].

[1] Based on the Consumer Price Index For August 2015.
[2] In line with the agreement in the Business Licence Reform Consultation, the four year fixed increase for skippered passenger craft remains applicable.  The final year for this fixed agreement is 2017.

Please click the links below to go to the 2016/2017 price lists for each sector

Roving Traders (RT) & Fixed location trading boats (FLTB)

Self Drive Day Hire (SDDH)

Self Drive Holiday Hire (SDHH) & Skippered Hotel Boat (SKH)

Skippered Passenger

Fixed price licence price list

Residential Lettings

Business Licence Terms and Conditions

Business Licence Terms and Conditions

Last date edited: 20 May 2016