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Customer services facilities policy

Following consultation with boating customers, we have published the Customer Service Facility Policy Statement setting out the essential boater customer service facilities (CSF) the Trust will provide.

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You can read the customer service facility policy statement in full here.

Water points, refuse/recycling, Elsan and pump out facilities should be provided no more than a day's cruising apart* and two days** cruising for pump out.

The essential provision includes a maximum cruising time that the Trust will aim to achieve across our waterways. There are some waterways where very high demand may require a lower maximum cruising time between facilities or additional facilities at existing locations where they are provided. However, at some locations restricting factors such as a lack of suitable sites with necessary connections to services and or access to maintain services will mean a longer maximum cruising time.

The essential provision of CSF will not include showers, public toilets (although these will still be provided at some key destinations and for volunteers/staff use), washing machines and tumble driers. Phase two of our review of CSF will involve identifying facilities that are not part of the minimum provision. All facilities not part of minimum provision will be considered for closure using the CSF Closure process standard which will include an impact assessment and consultation with stakeholders. If there is excess provision of facilities over and above the minimum standard, then some may be removed provided the minimum standard can still be met.

Where showers, toilets or other facilities that are not part of the essential provision are subject to unplanned closure due to vandalism and/or breakdown, these will remain closed but water, refuse/recycling, Elsan and pump out required to meet the minimum standard would be retained.

*How long a day's cruise would take will vary depending on the speed of travel, and could be affected by weather or other factors. Rather than be specific, we're proposing that this would normally be between 5-7 hours cruising.

**Two days cruising would be between 10-14 hours cruising.

Last Edited: 01 December 2023

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