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Boater Census Survey 2022

We've now published the results of our first ever Boater Census Survey.

A row of moored boats

We have 35,000 boats licensed on our 2,000 miles of waterways across England and Wales. The 2022 Census Survey intends to offer a snapshot of life on the waterways in the 21st century, 250 years after the network opened to navigation.

The census data will help inform our work and that of others, such as health service providers and local authorities, to make sure boaters are considered and their needs are met through decision-making, policy and services.

Boaters were asked about the issues and challenges they have experienced due to living on a boat. The results include a large amount of qualitative data, which will be analysed section by section and published in a separate report later this year.

Click here for a Word version of the report to use with e-readers.

More detailed results and segments of the raw data can be provided to organisations such as local authorities and health service providers.

To find out what's available and make a data request, please contact [email protected].

Last Edited: 30 May 2023

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