At the Trust we care passionately for our waterways, and as importantly, for those who look after and use them. We strongly believe that a diverse workforce brings with it a diversity of ideas, thinking and ways of working which enhances what we do as a Trust.

A diverse workforce gives us access to a wider talent base and so enhances the overall capability of the Trust whilst also giving us a richer range of experiences and perspectives, improving the quality of our plans and decision-making.

It also increases our ability to engage with the diverse communities in which we operate, promoting increased volunteering and other involvement from those communities. 

Our commitment applies to all of our employees, volunteers and other representatives including contractors, agency workers, and trainees.

Our aim is, at all times, to care for our people, and earn the confidence, trust and advocacy of our customers, partners, and those in the communities in which we work. We pride ourselves on, and are committed to, a workplace that reflects our values, embraces diversity, and enhances our reputation as a responsible and trusted custodian of the waterways in our care.

At the heart of our values is a commitment to treat everyone with respect.

Our commitment to D&I & Values

Inclusion & diversity, our commitment

Dignity & respect, our commitment

Our values

Network Groups:

There are four network groups at the Trust. A Diversity and Inclusion group, A Gender Balance Network Group, a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) network group and a Disability Network group. Membership is made up of employees and managers and each network group is sponsored by an Executive Team Member.

Last date edited: 18 May 2022