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Gender pay gap statement

We firmly believe in gender equality across all aspects of our employment and welcome the opportunity to present our information transparently.

Our Gender Pay Gap Statement shows that on average women are paid 3.6% more than men at the Trust.

This information relates to our snapshot date of 5 April 2022.

At the Trust we care passionately for our waterways, and as importantly, for those who look after and use them.

We are committed to celebrating diversity and to creating an inclusive culture as we believe it is integral to achieving our vision and strategic goals. We aim to strengthen the diversity of colleagues and volunteers in order to draw upon and benefit from as wide a range of lived experiences as possible.

Our annual pay gap reporting is an important source of data that provides further insight on the fairness of our pay practises. The highlights from our most recent data are outlined below. We recognise that gender is not a binary construct, yet the gender pay gap methodology is currently limited by its binary nature. As we do not yet systematically collect data on gender identity, we are unable to identify non-binary colleagues in our gender pay gap calculations. We are actively looking at how we can improve our data collection so that in the future, we are able to report pay gap calculations for other diversity dimensions, such as ethnicity.

The Trust’s mean (average) gender pay gap is currently -3.6%. This means that, on average, women are paid 3.6% more than men. Our median gender pay gap is -13.8%, meaning that the woman who is in the middle of the range when all women are ranked lowest to highest earns 13.8% more than the man who is ranked middle of the range of all men.

Whilst the Trust is pleased that its gender pay gap remains positive, we acknowledge that these figures are influenced by the profile of the workforce which remains predominantly male; of the 1,748 employees who are included in pay gap calculations, 70% are male whilst 30% are female.

Bonus Pay Gap

The mean bonus gender pay gap is 14.49%. This means that, of those employees who received a bonus during the reference period, the average bonus paid to men was 14.49% higher than the average paid to women.

The median bonus gender pay gap is 0.0%. This means that, of all the employees who received a bonus payment during the reference period, the median bonus paid to men is the same as the median bonus paid to women.

The gap between the mean and median bonus figures reflects the broad definition of “bonus” used for calculating this measure. It includes the Trust’s ‘Thank You’ recognition scheme as well as other standard one-off payments made during 2021/22. This means that when ranking awards by value given to men and women, it results in the same median award paid to each gender.

The mean bonus pay gap is the result of a performance related pay scheme (PRP) that only a limited number of predominantly male roleholders are eligible for. The Trust continues to monitor this scheme and its eligibility criteria.

Inclusion and Diversity Strategy

Our priority is to become a more diverse organisation. During 2023 we have launched our Inclusion and Diversity Strategy called Stronger Together. The Strategy identifies our long-term ambitions and sets out the actions we will take over the next 3 years to progress our journey.

The immediate focus areas are leadership, our culture, and increasing representation.

Last Edited: 11 October 2023

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