We recognise that traditional canal skills are necessary to continue the vitally important work that we undertake on our canal network. Our Apprenticeship programmes help us to preserve these skills and to offer local training and employment opportunities to the next generation.

Boat on the canal Boat on the canal

"My interviewer said it is an opportunity to grab with both hands and he was absolutely right. It is a fantastic chance to broaden your skills, make some friends for life and work with a charity brimming with options."

Hayley Garrod, apprentice

If you are looking for a practical, hands-on career path and have an interest in working on the waterways then we would be keen to hear from you. Our apprenticeship programmes will equip you with a wide range of specialist skills, whilst working as part of an enthusiastic and experienced team. 

"For anyone considering an apprenticeship I would tell them that it is hard work and not always easily earned but it is rewarding at the end. Apprenticeships are valuable things and I believe should always be considered as an option.”

James Archer, apprentice

Last date edited: 22 January 2020