Titford Pools regeneration

We've secured £3 million to regenerate Titford Pools in Oldbury.

We're working in partnership with the European Regional Development Fund, Highways England and Sandwell Council to improve the water quality and encourage wildlife back to the Titford Pools in Oldbury.

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Hidden away under the M5 motorway Titford Pools is located along the Titford Canal and is part of the Birmingham Canal Navigations.

The Pools were originally constructed as a small reservoir in the 1770s to feed the Titford Canal and today feeds water to both the canal and to Edgbaston Reservoir in Birmingham.

Over the years, they have become silted up which is affecting the water quality and impacting on the amount and variety of wildlife visiting the pools.

Two year project

The two-year project will involve dredging the pools to remove the build-up of silt and a redesign of the drainage channels from the M5 motorway to stop road debris from entering the pools. Work will also include cutting back the trees, bushes and shrubs to open up the pools to encourage more plants and wildlife to the area as well as clearing pathways and updating the visitor signage.

Once finished the pools will be a lovely place to visit with lots of animals and insects flying and fluttering around and with colourful boats in the pools. It will be great spot for local communities to go for a walk or cycle ride or to just enjoy spending time outdoors.

The project is also supported by the Inland Waterways Association (IWA) and the Birmingham Canal Navigations Society (BCNS). 

 January 2021 update

Over the last year we've been busy removing 30,000 tonnes of silt from the pools, and special ‘Vortex Separators’ has been installed to filter the silt from the water before it enters the pools and the River Tame. Bank protection has also been installed along the edge of the wildlife friendly island in the middle of the pool to protect it from erosion. 

We're now currently working with Sandwell Council to manage the overgrown vegetation around the pools. The work includes removing dense bushes and scrub to open up the area, allow more light onto the woodland floor and encourage more plants and wildlife to the area.

Managing the vegetation will also improve the paths through the site, helping to make the pools more accessible for local people. 250 native trees and a new community orchard of around 100 different fruit trees will also be planted.


Photo credit: Titford Pools - Copyright Bill Payer. geograph.org.uk p39516

Last date edited: 18 February 2021