Jena - our floating welcome station

Jena is the London and South East team's widebeam. She was completely refurbished in early 2016 and given a complete external make-over by the our volunteers working at our Adelaide Dock in Southall.


Standing at almost 18 and a half metres in length Jena serves as the Waterway’s floating welcome station. She debuted at 2016’s IWA Canalway Cavalcade, where she welcomed the public aboard (and served as an office for the IWA). In 2016 she visited festivals at Bishop’s Stortford, Ware, Angel (in Islington), Slough and Hayes, inviting thousands of people aboard to learn more about the capital’s waterways and the work of the Trust in London.

Jena plays an absolutely crucial role in each of our Open Weekends. These are major events where we invite the public to witness first hand our vital maintenance programme. Jena serves as a space on which volunteers, staff and the public can chat about the work and, if the kettle’s boiled, grab a warming cup of tea.

She has also serves a vital role in public consultations and pop-up events, such as on our Quietways programme. In October 2015 she navigated the length of the Paddington Arm and made scheduled stops for local residents, boaters and anyone on the towpath to step aboard and learn more about this ambitious programme to improve the quality of the towpaths.

We also use Jena for many of our meetings. It’s great to have our own fully-functioning meeting room that we can make available at almost anywhere on our network.

She’s already proved herself to be an invaluable resource to the London and South East team, make sure you come aboard and say “hi” at some point in the near future.

Last date edited: 6 June 2018