How we make a difference

We believe that spending time by water makes us happier and healthier. That’s why we work with communities to transform their local canal or river, creating places and spaces that can be used and enjoyed by everyone, every day.

Making life better by water for everyone, every day

We measure how we make a difference to people lives with an outcomes report. This looks at how we improve health, wellbeing and happiness, protect the environment, enhance learning and encourage prosperous local communities.

Outcomes Measurement Framework

Outcomes report: Waterways and Wellbeing

Our report demonstrates that we are building a robust evidence base to show how our waterways are transforming places and enriching lives.

Waterways can be used by many people in many different ways. We measure their multipurpose nature in terms of:

  • how they are being used by others for a wide range of activity
  • the difference that our activities are making to local people’s lives
  • the contributions they are making to the economic, social, environmental and cultural wellbeing of the nation

Copies of the report can be found here:

Waterways & Wellbeing: Executive Summary
Waterways & Wellbeing: Full Report

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Last date edited: 10 January 2022