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Waterway wanderers

Looking for somewhere to fish? Remember to get your angling permit first. Our Waterway wanderers permit gives you as an individual angler, or angling clubs as a group, access to many miles of canal fishing in England and Wales.

Angling on the canals Angling on the canals

Most fishing rights on our canal network are licensed to local angling clubs and you need a permit to fish those areas from that local club - see our fisheries listing for the nearest one to you.

Some stretches are not covered by local clubs. For those stretches you must have one of our Waterway wanderers permits before you fish.

Permits for individual anglers

The Waterway wanderers permit is an annual permit - it runs for 12 months from the date of issue.

  • Adult permits £20
  • Senior citizens £10* (over the age of 65)
  • Juniors £5 (16 or under on the date of purchase)

*If you are an individual member of the Angling Trust, you also get the £10 concessionary rate - as long as you provide a photocopy of your membership card.

Season permits for angling clubs

  • Any bona fida angling club registering in advance with our Waterway Wanderers administrator can join the Waterway Wanderers club scheme
  • Registration is free but all clubs registering must hold third party public liability insurance
  • Registered clubs with 10 or more joining members can get season permits at the concessionary rate of £10
  • All club permits would be bought in blocks of five, with a minimum purchase of 10. This also entitles the registered club to a certain number of free matches (a £10 booking fee is needed but no peg fees) on any fishery within the Waterway wanderers scheme as set out below:
 Number of participating members Number of free matches  Maximum size 
 10  2  10 pegs 
 15  3 15 pegs
 20  4 20 pegs
 25  5 25 pegs
 30  6 30 pegs
 35 and upwards  10 100 pegs

* Columns relate to number of participating members, number of matches with no peg fees (only the booking fee is needed) and maximum size of free match.

£3 per peg plus the booking fee for extra matches on top of your free allocation.

Note: not all club members need to purchase a Waterway wanderers permit.

Match fishing arrangements for registered clubs are outlined above. For non registered clubs wanting to book a match the match peg fee will be £5 per peg plus a £10 booking fee with a minimum match size of 10 pegs.

Waterway wanderers fishing rules

As with all things in life, there are a few rules we ask you to follow please:

  • you may use a maximum of two rods per permit
  • do not remove native fish species from the fishery under any circumstances
  • do not return Zander and other non native species to our waterways once caught. This is due to the terms and conditions of the our KIFR permits 
  • no fishing in the close season on waters where the close season currently applies
  • keepnets may be used but you must follow the Angling Trust keepnet code
  • carry your permit at all times and you must make it available to authorised bailiffs and Canal & River Trust staff when asked
  • anglers are strongly advised to hold insurance covering their third party risk arising out of their angling activities (included as part of individual Angling Trust membership)
  • all permit holders must hold an Environment Agency rod licence
  • no fishing near or under overhead powerlines
  • do not fish within 25 metres of a lock approach, swing bridge or water point
  • no fishing between boats on permanent towing path moorings or at visitor moorings where so signed
  • where visitor moorings are not signed as to whether fishing is permitted, its is assumed that during the boating season those wishing to moor have priority, at other times access will be on a first come first served basis
  • please follow the towpath code as part of our Share the Space campaign and act responsibly at all times

Get your Waterways wanderers permit now

For all permit enquiries contact: fisheries@canalrivertrust.org.uk

To buy your permit, please forward a cheque made payable to Canal & River Trust to:

Waterway Wanderers
Canal & River Trust
First Floor North, Station House
500 Elder Gate
Milton Keynes MK9 1BB

Please include your full name and address and if applying for a concessionary permit, include a photocopy of proof of age or Angling Trust membership. The fastest way to get your permit is by email, so please include your email address written clearly and include a contact phone number, otherwise please allow 14 days for delivery by post.

To become an Angling Trust member and get a discounted season permit call: 08447 700616. To get a rod licence call: 08448 005386.

Last date edited: 27 March 2018