We love and care for your canals and rivers, because everyone deserves a place to escape.

What are our priorities and how are we doing

Until 2nd July 2012 British Waterways was the public corporation that cared for the 2,200 mile network of canals and rivers in England, Scotland and Wales. Within these pages you will see that some documents relate to British Waterways and others to the Canal & River Trust.

This class of information contains our stategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews. The information available here is both current and historic.

Publication Data

Publication data - required under the Defra grant agreement

Protector’s Report 2014/15

Strategic plans

Proposed marketing strategy for the Canal & River Trust


Defra and BW commissioned research into fundraising potential and marketing. Research included:

Celebrating Our Canals:

A supplementary document which celebrated BW's achievements and looked ahead to the charity's launch in England and Wales.




Last date edited: 4 December 2015