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The charity making life better by water

What are our priorities and how are we doing?

Our core mission is to secure a sustainable future for our waterways.

We aim to maintain and care for them so that they are safe, resilient and available; and to promote and extend their benefits for all, so that we maximise their positive impact for people, nature and the economy.

In light of the Government’s announcement regarding the reduction in our future funding, we are undertaking a strategic review to redefine how we will work towards achieving our long-term vision of living waterways that transform places and enrich lives. We have identified six key priorities around which we are focusing our effort in 2023/2024, to keep our waterways open and alive, and delivering the widest range of public benefits for society:

  • Growing our income
  • Delivering the basics well
  • Controlling our costs
  • Improving infrastructure resilience
  • Engaging with Government
  • Growing awareness and building public support

You can read more about these priorities in our most recent Annual Report & Accounts.

How are we doing?

In accordance with our funding agreement with Defra we publish an agreed set of performance data (known as the ‘Publication Data’) each year. You can view the most recent data here.

From 2012 until the end of the financial year 2022/23 a person known as the Protector was jointly appointed by the Trust and Defra to monitor the management of the Trust’s Investment Assets. The last two reports produced by the Protector were for 2020/21 and 2021/22. The role of Protector has since been removed following changes to Trust's foundation documents agreed with Defra following the public sector classification from the Office of National Statistics.

You can read more about our performance in our most recent Annual Report & Accounts.

Last Edited: 06 March 2024

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