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Privacy Schedule for employees

This Schedule sets out details of our processing of our employees’ personal information.

It applies from when you receive and accept an offer and includes employees; former employees; contractors; apprentices; agency staff; secondees; and student placements. It should be read in conjunction with the Trust Privacy Notice.

Controller of your information

We are the controller of your personal information. Where we legitimately share your information outside of the Trust, the recipient organisation may either be the processor or joint controller, depending on the circumstances and subject to appropriate safeguards and controls.

Where we get your information from

Your information may be collected in a variety of ways.

Information you provide

  • When you submit forms and provide information necessary to commence your role with the Trust and go through the onboarding process.
  • When you submit forms, documents, or correspondence during your employment.
  • Information you provide during the application process will be moved to your personnel file on acceptance of an offer of a role.

Information we obtain from other sources

  • When we obtain references from third parties, including former employers and those known to you. We may obtain these directly, or through our external agents acting on our behalf.
  • When we complete background and health checks with respect to your suitability, or continued suitability, for the role, including occupational health reports and reports from the Disclosure and Barring Service.
  • When we complete health checks as part of our on-going commitment to providing safe working environments and reasonable adjustments for disabilities, including occupational health reports.

Information we create

  • When we send documents and correspondence to you pertaining to your work, or contract or process changes.
  • When we complete documentation relating to internal processes, for example performance reviews, disciplinary and grievance meetings, and training records.

Information we collect about you

Depending on the circumstances, we may hold and process some, or all, of the information contained in Annex 1 – Schedule of personal information processed.

Special category information

Some of the information we collect as part of your employment as set out in Annex 1 will be special category information.

Criminal convictions and offences information

Some of the information we collect as part of your employment as set out in Annex 1 will be with regards to criminal convictions and offences, whether provided by you or by other sources, for example the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Why we process your information

Your personal information will be processed for the purposes set out in Annex 1 - Schedule of personal information processed.

Lawful basis

Your personal information will be processed under the lawful basis set out in Annex 1 - Schedule of personal information processed.

Where your information will be stored

Your information will be stored securely in a range of different places, including in your personnel file, human resource management systems, and in other IT systems (including emails).

How long we keep your information for

Your information will be retained as a minimum for the for the course of your employment unless there is a reason to delete it.

Who we share your information with

Your personal information may be shared internally within the Trust with individuals who are required to receive it for legitimate business purposes according to their role, and in accordance with Annex 1 – Schedule of personal information processed.

Your information may be shared externally according to Annex 2 – Schedule of personal information shared.

International transfers

Your information will be stored on a cloud-based server provided by iCIMS, our recruitment management provider based in the United States of America. Your information is only stored there for the legitimate purpose of recruitment management, and only in compliance with data protection laws and subject to adequate safeguards.

Monitoring use of information communication systems

We are committed to respecting individual’s reasonable expectations of privacy concerning the use of Trust Information Technology systems and equipment. However, we reserve the right to log and monitor such use to ensure compliance with our Information Technology and acceptable use policies. Any targeted monitoring will take place within the context of our disciplinary or performance management procedures.

Other privacy documents



Changes to this Schedule

We may change this Schedule from time to time without notice to you. This is to ensure it reflects current legislation. In that case, the ‘latest version’ date in Annex 3 will also change. Any changes to this Schedule will apply to you and your data immediately.

If these changes significantly affect how your personal data is processed, we will take reasonable steps to let you know.

Latest version

This Privacy Schedule is reviewed periodically when changes are required, and in any event every three years. If the version you are viewing is older than three years, please ensure that you have the up-to-date version by contacting [email protected].

See Annex 3 - Version Control.

Last Edited: 08 December 2023

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