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Privacy Schedule for claimants

This Schedule sets out details of our processing of personal information for individuals or companies making claims against the Trust.

This may include customers, volunteers, employees, members of the public or third-party companies. It should be read in conjunction with the Trust Privacy Notice.


The Trust instructs external claims investigators to deal with insurance claims. Where information about a claim is received directly, we will log basic details of the incident and pass the matter to the investigators, who will make enquiries and report back with recommendations. In this way, the Trust will not collect much information in the first instance, although it may process more information at the conclusion of the matter.

Controller of your information

We are the controller of your personal information. Where we legitimately share your information outside the Trust, the recipient organisation may either be the processor or joint controller, depending on the circumstances and subject to appropriate safeguards and controls.

Our external investigators manage the claims process on our behalf, and as such are data processors. Their use and security of personal information is controlled by the terms of our contract with them.

Where we get your information from

Your information may be collected in a variety of ways.

Information you provide

  • When you contact us directly with regards to a claim or potential claim.

Information we obtain from other sources

  • When you contact us via a third party, e.g., your or our legal representative, external claims advisor, or insurers. Although we receive the information via another source, it will ultimately have come from you.
  • When our external claims investigators report back to us with findings and recommendations.

Information we create

  • When we investigate the claim or assist our investigators and loss adjustors in investigating it on our behalf.

Information we collect about you

Depending on the circumstances, we may hold and process some, or all, of the information contained in Annex 1 – Schedule of personal information processed.

Special category information

Depending on the nature of the claim, some of the information we collect as set out in Annex 1 may be special category information.

Criminal convictions and offences information

We do not collect your criminal convictions and offences information, except where offences have been recorded or noted as part of the investigation into the claim, or where past claim activities are pertinent to the present claims.

Why we process your information

Your personal information will be processed for the purposes set out in Annex 1 – Schedule of personal information processed.

Lawful basis

Your personal information will be processed under the lawful basis set out in Annex 1 – Schedule of personal information processed.

Where your information will be stored

Your information will be stored securely in a range of different places, including a document management system (IKEN) and a claims management system.

Who we share your information with

Your personal information may be shared internally within the Trust with individuals who are required to receive it for legitimate business purposes according to their role, and in accordance with Annex 1 – Schedule of personal information processed.

Your information may be shared externally according to Annex 2 – Schedule of personal information shared.

International transfers

We do not currently share any of your information internationally.

Other relevant privacy documents



Changes to this Schedule

We may change this Schedule from time to time without notice to you. This is to ensure it reflects current legislation. In that case, the ‘latest version’ date in Annex 3. will also change. Any changes to this Schedule will apply to you and your data immediately.

If these changes significantly affect how your personal data is processed, we will take reasonable steps to let you know.

Latest version

This Privacy Schedule is reviewed periodically when changes are required, and in any event every three years. If the version you are viewing is older than three years, please ensure that you have the up-to-date version by contacting [email protected].

See Annex 3 – Version Control.

Last Edited: 08 December 2023

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