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Areas of particular concern

We are particularly concerned about the impact of HS2 in the following places:

Phase 1

Curzon Street and Birmingham, Birmingham & Fazeley Canal (Digbeth branch)

HS2 threatens to sever the connecting corridor function of Birmingham’s canals, significantly affecting environmental value and the regeneration VIew of Digbeth Branch from bridgepotential of the area. It is vital that the waterway corridor around the proposed Curzon Street Station is properly and positively integrated into the master planning of the station and the wider master planning of Birmingham Eastside.

Fradley Junction, Coventry Canal and Trent & Mersey Canal

The proposed HS2 embankments and three crossings are in close Fradley Junctionproximity to the listed Woodend Lock and Lock Cottage on the Trent & Mersey Canal. This will have a dramatically adverse impact upon a particularly tranquil and much loved length of a rural canal currently enjoyed by high numbers of visitors by boat, bike and on foot. Together with the Inland Waterways Association, we have commissioned design and engineering consultancy Hyder to develop alternative solutions for this area.

Cappers Lane, Lichfield Canal

The current proposal poses a severe threat to the future use of the Cappers Lane restoration projectwaterways including to the planned restoration project, the existing moorings and associated essential boating facilities as well as important heritage sites. The Trust is working closely with the Inland Waterways Association and the Lichfield Restoration Trust to ensure that the restoration project is not prejudiced by HS2. 

Phase 2

Woodlesford Area, Aire & Calder Navigation

The current proposal consists of four bridges over the canal and a low Lock on Aire & Calder Navigation in Woodlesford Areaviaduct running immediately next to the canal for approximately 4km in this well-used area. The western bridge has insufficient headroom on this commercial waterway and the three eastern bridges may require piers in the waterway. There will be a significant adverse impact on the character of the waterway and for users of the canal environment.

Chesterfield, Chesterfield Canal

Through the efforts and work of the Chesterfield Canal Trust and its Restoration work on the Chesterfield Canalpartners, 12 miles of the canal have been restored along with 36 locks and 11 bridges and two new marinas have been built. This has brought significant socio-economic benefits to the area. However, the HS2 depot proposal at Staveley and the rail line itself significantly impact on the restoration in four general locations including areas where the proposed HS2 alignment would be directly over the route of the canal restoration. If suitable solutions cannot be found, this advanced restoration could be thwarted and the further social, environmental and economic benefits that the restoration could bring left unrealised.   

Meadowhall, Sheffield, Sheffield & Tinsley Canal

A 130-metre stretch of the canal would be covered by the proposed View under bridge along Sheffield & Tinsley Canalstation and existing transport infrastructure in the areas, causing concern that anti-social behaviour would be exacerbated by the creation of dark and dead space.

Leeds City Centre,  Aire & Calder Navigation

The proposed pedestrian link from Leeds New Lane Station to the existing railway station would have a major impact on the users of the waterway corridor, its associated heritage and the townscape. Supporting structures for the link may be required in the River Aire and these could adversely affect navigation.Buildings in Leeds city centre on Aire & Calder Navigation

Last date edited: 24 July 2015