We have joined over 700 organisations to share our support for the #iwill campaign. The campaign was launched in November 2013 by HRH The Prince of Wales and the UK’s three main political parties, and is coordinated by the charity Step Up To Serve.

Take a look at what we got up to for last years #iwillweek in the video below. 

Currently 4 in 10 young people participate in meaningful social action BUT 10-20 year olds from less affluent communities are significantly less likely to take part. Research indicates that when asked, around two thirds of young people have an appetite to be involved.

#iwillweek 2017

Through our youth engagement framework, we are playing our part in making youth social action a part of life for more 10-20 year-olds around the UK. We believe it's important to encourage young people to take practical action in the service of others to create positive change. Youth social action creates a double benefit, strengthening communities AND developing young people’s wellbeing. 

We are dedicated to generating more opportunities for participation and improving the quality of social action. We believe social action should be youth-led, challenging, have social impact, allow progression to other opportunities, be embedded in a young person’s life and enable reflection on the double benefit of participation

Here are just a few things that are taking place during #iwill week 2017:

Redbridge High School, Fazakerley. Young people have been getting stuck into their social action project, cleaning the area of litter and clearing the vegetation.

Redbridge High School social action project

Hope school and college, Wigan, carrying out their social action group and pledging their support to the #iwill campaign

Hope School and College social action

Social action project in action as Everton in the Community NCS Group fix a fence on the Leeds/Liverpool canal.

Everton in the Community NCS group

Thanks to all our young people who have taken part in social action since January and we pledge to continue to grow our opportunities for you! #iwill #iwillweek2017

Last date edited: 24 November 2017