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Waterway benefits

We're developing a framework to measure the benefits of our waterways for the wellbeing of users

If you're preparing a plan, you're likely to want to consider the data and information available to help you. You may find our open data site can assist or if you have a specific query please contact us.

To demonstrate the breadth of our impact at both local and national level across a range of cross-cutting themes; how waterways relate to the different local communities we serve, and our contribution to the nation's wellbeing in its widest sense, we're developing an Outcomes Measurement Framework (OMF) This has been designed in collaboration with the Sustainable Places Research Institute (PLACE) at Cardiff University.

The first Outcomes Report was published in September 2017. This is a technical report aimed at sharing our approach to measurement – explaining our ‘whole framework' model and the measurement and evaluation methodologies being adopted.

The delivery of thriving waterways through the planning system can drive the six inter-related outcomes shown below. In the future, we hope to be able to share evidence on these outcomes with local planning authorities, communities and others.

Outcomes Measurement Framework

Last Edited: 19 November 2020

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