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Maths in Action

These resources use practical examples of maths in action to showcase how to use classroom skills on real-life problems, using Birmingham as a backdrop. These topics include ecology, heritage, and budgeting skills.

All of our activities include guidance notes, a classroom presentation, and an activity pack. The guidance notes include lesson plans, curriculum links and extension activities.

Otter Spotter

Otter populations are on the rise in Birmingham and the West Midlands. At the Canal & River Trust we're excited to find out how we can build on this positive change. Learners will find out how we use mathematical and scientific processes to gather and visualise data about otter locations and habitats.

Holiday on the Water

As a group, learners will explore the calculations used to prepare for a canal journey. In pairs, they will plan their own holiday according to provided specifications (family size and budget).

Reviving the Roundhouse

Dating back to 1874, the Roundhouse was originally stables for 50 horses and a store for the Birmingham Corporation. A £3m project has been taking shape since 2013, to restore and reimagine the Roundhouse for a range of new uses and to open it up to the public. In this pack you will find maths-based challenges focused on the restoration of this historically significant site.

Last Edited: 24 August 2023

photo of a location on the canals
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