A jaunt around London's canals

Life in our capital city can be hectic, but did you know that just a few steps from the busy streets you can find the calm world of our canals? We've teamed up with Go Jauntly to bring you four peaceful walks that will refresh your mind and body.

Olympic Park, courtesy of Go Jauntly Olympic Park, courtesy of Go Jauntly

Taking a walk by the water, whether it's a five minute stroll to stretch your legs or a longer afternoon ramble, can make you feel better about pretty much everything. At the Trust we appreciate the long-lasting benefits of fresh air and exercise, not to mention opportunities to spot wildlife and glimpse a bygone era through our canal heritage.

The team behind Go Jauntly, a free community-based walking app, agree. Here's what they told us:

"We are nature-loving city dwellers who spend much of our time deskbound and yearn to be a bit more active. We’re not really fans of the gym but love to get out, stretch our legs and explore our local areas, especially with our young families in tow. But we'd been getting frustrated by how hard it is to uncover new places to do just that – take short and long local walks, find hidden trails in familiar haunts, and discover the nature on our doorstep and beyond. So we created Go Jauntly."

"We are nature-loving city dwellers who spend much of our time deskbound and yearn to be a bit more active."

Go Jauntly

We're delighted that Go Jauntly have created these four new walks which take in the sights and sounds of our waterways in London.

An arty Olympic riverside jaunt

Go Jauntly have also created a Premium walk, available via their app, which takes in the lush scenery of the River Lee along with the most famous landmarks of the Olympic Park.

You can find more waterside walks in England and Wales on our walking pages.

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Arty Olympic Riverside Jaunt

Go Jauntly logo

Last date edited: 5 March 2018