Audio tours

We know that you can't always make it to our canals in rivers in person and so we're bringing the waterways to you with a series of audio guided tours. You can listen to them while you are out for your daily walk, on the towpath itself or from the comfort of your own home.

Man wearing headphones sitting on a bench A man listening to audio tours on his phone

Whether you’re on the canal following these tours or listening along indoors, we hope you enjoy spending time by water today, and that you feel the benefits our free audio tours can bring.

Not only that, these tours will include some basic mindfulness techniques to help feel more in touch with your surroundings while you are listening and following the tours.

Thank you to our volunteers

These audio tours have been produced thanks to the help of many volunteers who have given up their time to work on this project by providing the research, scripts and voice overs.

Last date edited: 19 January 2021