We love and care for your canals and rivers, because everyone deserves a place to escape.

Fun for families

When we refurbished the museum we had children in mind. There’s so much for them to get their hands on, listen in to and discover.

As you explore the new galleries and interactive displays, children will be treated to fun facts along the way. They’ll also enjoy exploring a fun wildlife trail, which runs through the museum.  

Cylgate, a historic boat, now offers an activity space, where families can imagine what it was like to load cargo onto a boat and listen to memories from waterway characters in the cabin. 

Children can also get stuck into our interactive dock system and experience life working in the docks with toy wagons, narrow boats and more and transport it across the dock.

There’s a continuous programme of free arts and crafts activities on the learning tables positioned around the museum and plenty of dressing up opportunities.


Last date edited: 21 June 2016