Canal history

We're proud to be the guardians of 2,000 miles of historic canals and rivers, as well as the bridges, aqueducts and numerous other heritage structures dotted along them.

Living museum

Many of our canals were built at the height of the industrial revolution. Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated heritage team, stepping foot onto one of our towpaths is like stepping into a living museum where you can touch all of the exhibits.

But even more incredible than the structures dotted along the canals are the stories of the people who worked the boats during the glorious Canal Age. The boatmen and women, the children who led the boat horse and grew up on board. Not to mention the pioneering engineers and hard-working navvies, without whom the canals would never have existed.

Vital role

We understand the vital role our canals and rivers have played in the history of England and Wales and treasure these tangible signs of the past. At the same time, we look to the future and the benefit that our waterways bring to society today.

Our waterways never stop moving, and we never stop working to help them thrive.