Canal & river wildlife

Along our canals and rivers is an enormous range of trees, plants, mammals, fish and other forms of life. By helping nature to flourish, we're ensuring our waterways stay in good health, now and in the future.

Our environment team are always looking for opportunities to encourage our waterway wildlife to thrive, by protecting habitats and creating new ones.

Nature is also important for people to thrive. Being outdoors and getting close to nature and wildlife helps improve our wellbeing. We believe everyone should have access to this, no matter where they live.

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What is plastic pollution?

For us, it's simply having too much plastic in and around our waterways. More regularly, we are being shown the huge amounts of damage that plastic is causing in our canals and rivers, which are havens for our British wildlife, and the ongoing impact that has, creating plastic pollution in the ocean. 

Our incredible teams of staff and volunteers make up to 6,650 trips a year, picking up litter at 230 sites along our waterways, but we all need to do more, where we can to keep our waters safe for our wildlife. 

Help protect canals for nature

With so much of the nation's nature under threat, help our precious wildlife find the canal habitats they need. #ActNowForCanals today, so that together we can make our waterways a wonderful, thriving corridor of life.