Short-stay moorings

Find out about short-stay mooring across the network, where boaters can moor for the signposted time.

Cruising past moored boats Leicester Line Grand Union Cruising past moored boats Leicester Line Grand Union

Short-stay visitor moorings

Popular places can get very busy, so visitor moorings with short stay times are provided to help as many boaters as possible find space to tie up. Mooring is free for the advertised time period, such as 48 hours or 7 days. If you decide you want to stay for longer, you may incur a £25 extended stay charge for each extra day you are moored. We will contact you to let you know this is going to happen if our sightings show you have exceeded the free mooring time.

During the winter many short stay moorings revert to fourteen days from 1 November until 31 March unless signed otherwise. Do please check the signs carefully as in very popular areas the time restriction applies all year round.

Pre-bookable short-stay mooring in London

If you’re planning a visit to central London and want certainty that you will have somewhere to moor when you arrive, you can pre-book a mooring for a small charge.

Find out more about London Waterways pre-bookable moorings

Quiet Zones

Our canals and waterways are peaceful and tranquil places where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, please help us keep them that way.

In some places where waterways and buildings are in close proximity to one another there can be a risk of noise that may cause a disturbance. Quiet Zones are advisory areas where we ask canal users to keep noise to an absolute minimum.

In a Quiet Zone we ask that people avoid:

  • Generator or engine running
  • Loud music
  • Any other disturbance to others nearby

The decision to create Quiet Zones is made by waterway managers, but they would be expected to consult with local people, groups and parish/local councils before establishing a Quiet Zone.

Read the guidance on factors to be considered before creating a Quiet Zone