Winter moorings

We offer temporary moorings at selected locations around the country for those without a permanent mooring who want to moor their boat during the winter months.

Snowed in narrowboat on the canal at Apperley Bridge Snowed in at Apperley Bridge on the Leeds & Liverpool canal

Winter moorings 2019/20

Winter moorings for 2019/20 will be available for up to 4 months from Thursday 1 November until Saturday 29 February 2020. Winter mooring permits will go on sale from Tuesday 1 October on a first-come, first-served basis.

Winter moorings give boaters who don't already have a permanent mooring a chance to moor up for the winter month, while keeping enough space clear for those who want to continue cruising.

2019/20 winter mooring locations and prices:

2019/20 winter moorings are available at fixed locations between 1 November 2019 - 29 February 2020.

Winter mooring permits in 2019/20 will be available to purchase for 1, 2, 3 or 4 months.

There are seven price bands for the 2019/20. The pricing of each winter mooring site is based on the consideration of several different factors including;

  • The pricing of nearby moorings (to ensure the Trust complies with competition rules)
  • The location of the winter mooring site
  • The availability of facilities and services near to the mooring
  • The level of demand for each winter mooring site

The price bands for 2019/20 are;

  • Band 0   £20 - new band
  • Band 1   £18.50
  • Band 2   £16.50
  • Band 3   £14.30
  • Band 4   £10.60
  • Band 5   £8.50 - new band
  • Band 6   £6.90

The 2019/20 mooring price bands have increased by 3% at all sites. Some sites have changed price band in response to the high levels of demand last winter, with popular sites increasing in price but other low demand sites have reduced in price.

Before booking a winter mooring please check our winter stoppages list to ensure that stoppages will not prevent you reaching or leaving the winter mooring site.

2019/20 winter mooring locations and price list

2019/20 winter moorings frequently asked questions (FAQs)

2019/20 winter moorings terms and conditions

Site maps:

These maps indicate where each winter mooring is located in the Trust's different waterway areas. Lengths shown on the maps may not be 100% precise but the linear length of each site will be included in the site list, and signage on site indicates the start and end point of each winter mooring from 1 November 2019 - 29 February 2020.

2019/20 East Midlands winter mooring maps
2019/20 West Midlands (price band 2-5) winter mooring maps
2019/20 West Midlands (price band 6) winter moorings maps
2019/20 Wales and South West winter mooring maps
2019/20 London and South East (price band 0 - 3) winter mooring maps
2019/20 London and South East (price band 4 - 6) winter mooring maps
2019/20 North West winter mooring maps
2019/20 Yorkshire and North East winter mooring maps

Buying a winter mooring

2019/20 Winter mooring permits go on sale at 6am on Tuesday 1 October on a first come, first served basis via our web licensing site. For those without an account on our web licensing site, but who are a current licence-holder, make sure you select an option to register under ‘I am an existing Canal & River Trust customer’.

Winter Mooring Review

The Trust will be reviewing our future provision of winter moorings, working with our navigation advisory group to consider the longer term options for winter mooring.

Last date edited: 30 October 2019