What should I pack for a boat holiday?

Canal boats are designed with storage to fit everything you and your family will need for your boating holiday. Find out below what you probably will, and won't, need – and then you can concentrate on what's really important – having fun!

Hire boat Jacaranda twin beds, credit Waterways Holidays Hire boat Jacaranda twin beds, credit Waterways Holidays

Eating and drinking onboard

Canal boats are self catering, so you'll need to bring enough food and drink for your holiday. But don't buy too much - part of the fun is discovering all those wonderful waterside pubs and shops selling local produce.

Your holiday operator can tell you where the nearest shop is. Many operators offer a grocery service to provide a starter pack or grocery list and some customers even use a delivery service from major supermarkets.

Your boat will be well-equipped with a hob, oven, grill and fridge. Many  boats will also have a microwave. You'll be given all the necessary cooking utensils and crockery, linen, and bedding.

What to wear on a boating holiday

As well as a torch, bring non-slip deck shoes, hard-wearing gloves (for working the locks), waterproof clothing, a camera, and a waterways guide. Wet-weather overalls are sometimes provided for the helmsman, and life-jackets will be available at the hire-base for free.

When you're packing, soft suitcases are a good idea as hard suitcases can be harder to store.

Creature comforts

Top-of-the-range canalboats will have a 240V connection so you can bring along electrical appliances, such as hair-driers. Other boats will have a cigarette lighter-style 12V connection, which you can use to charge your mobile phone if you have a lead that adapts to it.

What shouldn't I take on a canal holiday?

Canal boats have limited electrical output, so don't bring: domestic appliances (eg. blenders, toasters, vacuum cleaners, etc), heaters, or lighting equipment.

You shouldn't plan to bring large items, such as bikes or canoes, without first finding out from your canal holiday operator whether there is room for them on your boat.

Anything else?

If you're planning on getting up close to the local wildlife, you may want to bring some binoculars, and a fishing rod (with a rod licence) also helps. If you have children on board, bring sunglasses and sun cream too.

Last date edited: 17 July 2019