We love and care for your canals and rivers, because everyone deserves a place to escape.

Making a complaint

We welcome your feedback about the way that we work. If you have had a good experience we would love to hear from you. Equally, if your experience was not what you had hoped and you would like to make a complaint we would also like to know.

We always try our best but sometimes we still get it wrong. When this happens your feedback helps us to put things right and learn from our mistakes.

We have a formal procedure for handling complaints because it is important to us that all complaints are treated seriously and resolved promptly. If you wish to make a complaint please read our 'Making a complaint' leaflet, it explains what you can expect.

In addition, another way in which you can access our complaints procedure is by accessing the EU Online Dispute Resolution Platform. This is for registering complaints about purchases made online only.

It’s always best if you can let us know straight away as most complaints can be sorted out for you quickly by a member of staff. But, if that's not possible then you can contact us when it’s more convenient by:

Email: customer.feedback@canalrivertrust.org.uk

Telephone: 0303 040 4040 

Waterways ombudsman

It might be that you still feel we have not fully resolved your complaint after receiving both first and second level responses. If this is the case then you can ask the Waterways Ombudsman, within 12 months of receiving our second level response, to consider your complaint. His contact details can be found on the Waterways Ombudsman’s website.

Unacceptable behaviour

We are committed to dealing with all customers and members of the public fairly, impartially and in a proper and considerate manner. We do not normally limit the contact that customers or the public have with us, whether in person, by telephone, by e-mail or on social media. However, we will not tolerate behaviour or communications that are unacceptable - offensive, abusive or threatening, for example. In such circumstances we will take action to protect our staff by implementing our unacceptable behaviour policy

Unreasonably persistent complainants policy

From time to time our staff may fall short of the expectations of our customers. This could be because we have failed, or been slow, to act; or it may be because a complainant’s expectation of us goes beyond that which we can deliver. Occasionally, however, a complainant hinders our consideration of their complaints through their frequency of contact with us. We refer to such complainants as unreasonably persistent and, exceptionally, we will take action to limit their contact in line with our unreasonably persistent complainants policy.  

Last date edited: 21 March 2017