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Wild in Birmingham

Wild in Birmingham is a group of gardening volunteers who meet weekly to maintain the towpath gardens in the city centre.

Volunteers by the canal

Our aim is to provide a better habitat for insects, bees, birds and wildlife in the city centre and improve the diversity of species whilst also providing a pleasant environment for visitors to Birmingham and the local community as they enjoy walking and cycling beside the canal.

Our gardens extend from the top of the Farmers Bridge locks to just beyond the Roundhouse on the north side of the Main Line Canal. On the southern side of the canal, we have gardens between the two ends of Oozells Loop and we also look after the planters in Gas Street Basin.

Before the group formed in 2017, the various flower beds beside the towpath were neglected and very overgrown so in the early days a great deal of time was spent clearing the ground with the help of local businesses and community groups.

In addition, we have been planting fruit trees as part of the Great Canal Orchard – a linear orchard along the side of the canals which will eventually extend from Wolverhampton to Worcester via Birmingham city centre.

Please stop and say hello!

As we garden, we enjoy chatting with passers-by who show appreciation for our work and in the spring and summer we enjoy watching the ducks and geese nesting and bringing up their young.

Our volunteers enjoy taking part in this project as it provides them with some (usually gentle!) physical exercise, gives a sense of wellbeing, improves mental health and provide a stress-free environment - but most of all we enjoy socialising both with each other and with passers-by!

It is widely recognised that green spaces help to improve air and water quality, they provide nutritional food for wildlife (provided that no pesticides are used) and they connect people to nature.

Join us

Wild in Birmingham usually meets every Wednesday from 10am to 1pm. We are always pleased to have new volunteers in our group (please wear sturdy shoes!) so if you're interested in joining us please just pop along.

Last Edited: 13 April 2023

photo of a location on the canals
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