Active waterways

We’ve teamed up with Sport England to put on a three-year project to increase the activity levels of all Cheshire residents over the age of 55 who live near our canals and rivers.

Walking by the canal Walking by the canal

What is the Active Waterways Cheshire project?

We know that life can be busy and complicated and we we’re not always able to make the time to get active and look after our bodies and minds.

This is where we come in. We want to help everybody get active and feel better by water and so we’ve teamed up with Sport England to put on a three-year project to increase the activity levels of all Cheshire residents over the age of 55 who live near our canals and rivers.

This project, funded by The National Lottery, will see us leading walks around the area and giving advice on how to get active.

Who is the Active Waterways Cheshire project for?

If you’re over 55, live in Cheshire and find it difficult to take part in activity (doing less than 30 minutes of moderate activity per week) then we’d love to hear from you. The project will offer group support and help you to find fun ways to get active.

Who’s running the programme?

All of our programmes are run by our friendly staff and volunteers, many of whom have experience of working by the waterways or are boaters themselves, so they are very passionate about what they do.

We are trained to lead group walking activities, and can include other activities as part of the programme.

How often do I have to attend?

It is a 12-week programme, and we ask that you sign up at the first week and are able to attend the whole programme. The programme gradually reintroduces you to gentle activity, giving you the support you need to start your journey, and an opportunity to meet new people in your area.

Some of you may have lost confidence with going out, you may need reassuring about attending, or your health conditions have been challenging and you may feel they prevent you from doing activity. We work with you before the programme starts to make sure the programme is right for you.

Where is the programme run?

We have various locations spread across Cheshire, where we run the guided walks on a weekly basis.

We have also developed an online version of our programme, which we are currently trialling out for those people who would like the online group support. This is aimed at people who are either housebound or able to walk independently.

Some of you who may be housebound and unable to go outside can therefore do the activity in your homes. 

Those of you who are confident with going out independently, will be encouraged to access and walk on their local waterways.

What is the online programme?

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines, we have decided to develop more online content, which will enable people to take part from their homes. This programme is suitable for people who have access to a computer and have downloaded Zoom software.

The online programme follows a similar format – it is 12 weeks in length, running at the same time/ same day every week, using the Zoom app. It gives you an opportunity to learn about health and wellbeing, history and nature of the canals, and encourages you to go out canal walking in your own time. Or for those of you who continue to be housebound, you would attend the online programme, and we would encourage you to become more active within your own homes and gardens.

The Active Waterways team would be able to decide whether the online or guided walk programme is suitable for you.

How can I sign up?

Please email us at or call us on 07990 612700. One of the Active Waterways team will contact you to discuss the programme.

Last date edited: 31 July 2020