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Tackling invasive weeds at Coombs Reservoir

Thanks to your donations, volunteers and employees from Salford-based Think Money have helped us to tackle invasive weeds at an important wildlife site.

Himalayan Balsam with purple flowers on both banks of narrow waterway Himalayan Balsam, copyright GBNNS

Himalayan Balsam is a non-native invasive species, which was causing many problems  Coombs Reservoir – a Site of Special Scientific Interest in Whaley Bridge. The vigorous weed grows very quickly, putting other plants in the shade and killing them off.

Not only does this weed upset the biodiversity of the canal, it also puts our canal banks at risk. When it dies off in August it leaves them bare and vulnerable to erosion, which can leave us with costly repair bills.

Tonne of weed

Our volunteers and staff pulled up a tonne of the weed and although this area will need ongoing help, the work will have helped to reduce the next year’s growth.

Himalayan Balsam is quickly spreading throughout many of Britain’s waterways. Projects like this are vital to protect our own native plants and the delicate ecosystems of the canals so that everyone can enjoy the rich variety of plants next to our canals and rivers.