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Restoring dry stone walls and protecting traditional skills

We received a welcome boost when Tesco donated £2,500 to our fundraising appeal, launched in 2012, to restore a 100-metre section of dry stone wall along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

Dry stone walling on the Leeds & Liverpool CanalWe asked for help to help repair a damaged section of a historic boundary wall between the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and neighbouring grazing land near Rishton.

Thanks to Tesco’s support, a small team of locally trained volunteers were able to go out on the towpath and rebuild the 100-metre section with 10,000kg of stone.

The refurbished wall has helped to improve the appearance of the canal, protecting an important heritage feature and ensuring the canal remains a wonderful everyday escape for local people.

Local firm, Terra Firma Environmental LTD from Haslingden, helped provide the training to the group of volunteers.

"Dry stone walling is a dying trade and it’s one that we’re determined to protect." Matt Taylor, volunteer coordinator

Matt Taylor, volunteer coordinator for the Canal & River Trust, explained: “It’s fantastic that Tesco have offered us their support. Dry stone walling is a dying trade and it’s one that we’re determined to protect as they’re such a strong feature of the canal environment.

"They’re a vital piece of the canal’s heritage which have also started providing safe habitats for local wildlife such as voles and toads which have been hiding in the walls over the past few years.

“This project also helped train our growing team of volunteers who are an integral part of our future. If we can help them learn these skills we can continue to develop more projects like this which will help maintain the waterways in addition to the year round maintenance we do.”