We love and care for your canals and rivers, because everyone deserves a place to escape.

Creating wildlife sanctuaries in London's hidden corners

The Regent’s Canal, which cuts straight through the heart of London, is over 200 years old. Thanks to donations from our supporters, we’ve transformed it into an urban oasis for people and wildlife.

A happy couple walking along the towpath Regent's Canal

Thanks to your donations we have re-established plant life in neglected pockets of the canal and reclaimed areas of the urban towpath through the planting of shrubs and bushes.

We all need a place to escape to when the modern world gets too much. Thanks to your donations everyone living near the Regent's Canal now has a green space to visit where they can breathe some fresh air and get back to nature.

Fruit and nut trees

The makeover included planting fruit and nut trees so that members of the community can enjoy free scrumping, alongside wildflower seeds and bulbs which bring some much needed colour to the towpath throughout the seasons.

We also planted night-scented flowering plants on trellis to encourage bats into the area whilst simultaneously screening-off heritage protected walls from damage by graffiti. And we now provide community grow-your-own opportunities along the canal-side so that local people can enjoy fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Reclaimed for local communities

Leela O’Dea, Canal & River Trust environment manager, said: “There were pockets along the Regent’s Canal that, for various reasons, had been neglected and forgotten over time. We have now reclaimed these for local communities, visitors and wildlife by clearing out the litter and damage, and breathing new, green life back into them.

"Not only are we supporting populations of bumblebees, butterflies, dragonflies and other insects but we are also encouraging birds and bats to make their homes in the heart of our capital.”