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A wildlife haven at Diglis

Thanks to our donations from our supporters and a huge amount of effort from our dedicated volunteers, we've been able to transform an abandoned balancing pond into a wildlife-rich refuge.

Diglis Basin’s abandoned balancing pond, which was once used to control the water level in one of the locks, had been neglected for many years.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters enough money was raised to enable a team of local volunteers to improve the area and turn it into a wildlife-rich refuge. Of the 50 appeals launched at the birth of the Canal & River Trust, this was the first to meet its fundraising target!

Happy birds

A volunteer at DiglisVolunteers coppiced the trees around the pond and used the offcuts to create habitat piles for nesting birds. The local bird population benefitted straight away as birds use the piling for shelter.

Insects, amphibians and small mammals all made new homes in the cracks and crevices. As the wood begins to break down it will also provide excellent sites for wood-boring insects and fungi.

The volunteers also cleared litter from the area and removed invasive plants and replaced them with native aquatic plants and grasses to make the area more attractive to people as well as nature.

A huge difference

Ecologist, Mark Robinson, said: “Although the canals weren't built for wildlife, they have become a haven for important plants and animals. The balancing pond at Diglis suffered from an accumulation of litter and invasive plants for some time. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we can make a huge difference which will encourage wildlife to come back to the site.”