Volunteers' Week 2020

This Volunteers' Week, we're offering our heartfelt thanks and celebrating all of the wonderful volunteers who give up their time to help take care of our waterways.

Our volunteers are a vital part of our team. They help boaters move through our locks, teach young people to fish, delight in sharing canal history and help keep our towpaths beautiful. 

This Volunteers' Week, we'd like to offer a huge thank you to every single one of you for giving us your time, energy and passion for sharing and preserving our waterways.

You can read about some of the wonderful volunteers below, and over on our volunteering features and articles section.

Power of Youth Day

#PowerOfYouth is a nationwide campaign to thank all of the young people in our volunteering community, and empower more young people to get involved too.

We're joined by volunteers of all ages, and as part of Power of Youth Day, we're offering a special message of thanks to all the incredible young people who give us their time to help look after our canals and rivers.

Many of our volunteering opportunities are currently on hold while we consider the best ways to keep our volunteers safe due to the pandemic. 

We're looking forward to the day when we can see all of you back onto our towpaths together again.

Last date edited: 3 June 2020