Meet Joshua, student volunteer

Meet Joshua, a student volunteer working in the Trust's water management team.

Joshua, student volunteer Joshua, student volunteer

"I would be hard-pressed to find a more welcoming work environment."


I started volunteering four days a week with the water management team in late November 2017 and will carry on until the summer. This is part of my university sandwich course, a year in a work placement,

I assist with various tasks, but a particular focus is helping the team in modelling the Grantham Canal in preparation for its eventual restoration. The experience so far has shown me just how much work is put in to keep the canals flowing year-round. Or if not all year-round, at least safeguarding the boaters and environments that the canals support.

Keeping the canals flowing

I’ve enjoyed doing fieldwork on the Birmingham Canal Network and handling data for all sorts of uses, compiling the overtoppings, undertaking work on the boats to lockage ratio, and identifying possible abstractions or discharges affecting the water security of the canals.

At the end of my placement I will return to Coventry University where I’m studying Geography and Natural Hazards for my third year. Beyond that, my time with the team will have provided me with some additional skills that will aid me wherever my career takes me.

A range of roles

Working with the trust is a great way to get involved with many professional disciplines. If your interest lies in water, you can apply that at the Trust through looking at the hydraulic processes. If you’d prefer a more engineering-based setting, the Trust has engineers who maintain all of their assets. If you are more tech-based, then look for opportunities to get involved with the SCADA team.

Basically, whatever your interests, there is probably a position in the Trust that would suit you. And I would be hard-pressed to find a more welcoming work environment.

Last date edited: 5 February 2018