Jodie Weathers

Jodie Weathers is a volunteer team leader with our Manchester, Pennine & Potteries waterway. She’s regularly out and about with volunteer teams helping to make sure our canals and rivers are welcoming places to visit.

Jodie Weathers, volunteer team leader Jodie Weathers, volunteer team leader

In each of our waterway regions we have dedicated staff who are committed to working with volunteers on various tasks in that particular area. Jodie is part of our Manchester, Pennine & Potteries waterway, and she works with a wide range of volunteer teams. Read more about her role.

"Our volunteers are an amazing bunch of people. I love to hear their stories."

Jodie Weathers

It’s difficult to put a figure to how many volunteers I work with. It’s probably around a hundred. Each group is different. We have Towpath Taskforce teams, adoptions groups and a few corporate partnerships as well.

In the summer we do a lot of painting and planting. In the winter there tends to be a lot of vegetation work. But I always try to find out what each particular group wants to focus on, and then to align that with our aims for that part of the network. By working together we can achieve so much more. 

Confidence and resilience

In 2009 I finished college and I wasn’t sure what to do next, so I volunteered for 12 months in a children’s orphanage in Peru. This decision shaped my life. I went out there to give something back, not to gain anything for myself, but I learnt a lot and I developed both confidence and resilience. It inspired me to work in the third sector with volunteers.

Jodie with a Towpath Taskforce team

Our volunteers are an amazing bunch of people. I love to hear their stories. They are inspirational. We’re always looking for new volunteers, so please drop me an email if you’re reading this and you’d like to get involved. I’m keen to talk through any new ideas. Don’t be put off if you’re studying or in full-time work, we have roles that can be fitted around a busy schedule.

Be creative!

I’d say flexibility is the most important quality in a volunteer manager. You always need a Plan B. If you turn up all ready to paint a lock and then it starts to rain, it’s no good just packing up and going home. You have to do the best with what you have. Be creative!

It helps that I really enjoy what I do. My work is a reward in itself.

Last date edited: 5 October 2017